How to Write Emails People Want to Open
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How to Write Emails People Want to Open

How to Write Emails People Want to Open

The holidays are often synonymous with celebrations which equate to loads of shopping for family and friends. This is one time of the year when retailers are geared up to steer customers to their stores. Since all retailers are working with one common goal in mind—maximum sales—it becomes a challenging task to have customers make you their store of choice.

Grabbing people’s attention requires a lot of creativity, imagination, and careful attention to timing to come up with the right marketing campaign that will compel consumers to visit your website. Emails play an extremely important role in directing online traffic. Companies draft some of the best emails through animation, personalization, and excitement to get clicks to the website.

The online Black Friday sales concept is relatively new in the U.K., compared to the U.S. Previously, the Black Friday online shopping event was only a one-day event; however, in 2014, marketers expanded the online sales period from one-day to an entire weekend. By 2016, companies started to offer sales, discounts, and other incentives throughout the entire week.

According to Senior Commerce Marketing analyst at Bronto, Greg Zakowicz, the 2017 season could be termed as “Grey November.” We are going to look at a few marketing emails sent out that featured some good and some not-so-well drafted marketing emails:

Subject line:
SALE begins | Enjoy up to 50% off

The subject line of this email gets right to the point by announcing the start of the sale. The image of the guy ready to pounce is spot-on. Accent Clothing’s creativity ended there when they added a button to every brand. If only the company had sectioned the customers based on what they have purchased in the past, they could have made a smaller selection of buttons with the brands that speak directly to the customer.

There were many marketing emails sent to customers during this season; some were effective while others were not. There were also a lot of factors that should be considered while designing an email for marketing purposes. These factors begin with an intriguing subject line. The email must also be simple and personalized to the individual’s shopping trends. Carefully selected options should also be provided. The call to action strategy must be perfectly timed. Lessons can be learned from previous campaigns, and new strategies can be weaved in that compel customers to choose your website as their ultimate shopping destination.

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Tanuja Thombre
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