Viiking Ventures, India's Fastest Growing Conglomerate, Names Fierce 'Viiking' Manoj Asrani as Group's Chief Marketing Officer
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Viiking Ventures, India’s Fastest Growing Conglomerate, Names Fierce ‘Viiking’ Manoj Asrani as Group’s Chief Marketing Officer

Viiking Ventures, India's Fastest Growing Conglomerate, Names Fierce 'Viiking' Manoj Asrani as Group's Chief Marketing Officer

Viiking Ventures, India’s fastest growing conglomerate appointed Manoj Asrani as its new Chief Marketing Officer.

Led by the dynamic Sachin Joshi, Viiking Ventures holds one of the most lucrative brand portfolios in the country. Constituting of many different verticals such as FMCG products, hospitality, entertainment, realty, infrastructure, paper products, agricultural produce, and philanthropic activities, all startups and VC firms are to a great extent inspired by the fierce Vikings and their undying aggression for innovation and creation.

Viiking Ventures recently made many investments and acquisitions in support of their vision to become the most powerful business in India. Soon after closing the deal with the much-talked about acquisition of Kings Beer and The Kingfisher Villa, Viiking Ventures brought aboard ace marketer, Manoj Asrani to head the Marketing Strategy of its diverse brand portfolio.

With brands like Goa Kings, Royal Oak, Planet Hollywood, Playboy Club, Viiking Aviation, XXX Premium, Trance Fitness and more on his plate, Manoj Asrani stated, “One of the key reasons for me being here at Viiking is their philosophy and the go-get-it attitude. With promising brands under our portfolio, this is going to be an exciting and passionate journey. I look forward to this challenge and can’t wait to get onto the playground. You sure are to hear a lot of developments in the coming months.”

Manoj Asrani is an IIM-C (Indian Institute of Management – Calcutta) alumnus and a certified member of World Speaker forum. He has, over his years of corporate experience, headed several businesses. The dynamic leader has worked across geographies and verticals and brings a fresh perspective to doing things over his very illustrious career.

As Viiking slowly and steadily inches closer towards national domination through its strong expansion plans, this stead coupled with Asrani’s zeal, zest, and passion towards building power houses definitely opens multiple possibilities and a plethora of avenues for the conglomerate’s growth.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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