Trends in Video Marketing to Know for 2022

By Techfunnel Author - Last Updated on December 22, 2021
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The marketing industry keeps evolving, and video marketing with no exception. Data, technology, trends, and human behavior can influence how it evolves.

Almost all marketing tips, resources, guides, and predictions emphasize adding videos into your marketing strategy. From short ads to live videos, vlogs, and stories, video content has taken different shapes over a few years.

Video marketing trends you need to know for 2022

Overall, video content still has the center stage in content marketing and digital marketing strategies.

  • Since 2019, an average user has watched above 100 minutes of video content per day.
  • Even more, in 2021, about 86% of businesses said that they were using videos as an important marketing tool. At the same time, 93% of them believe that it is a critical part of every marketing strategy.
  • Research has found that about 84% of consumers used to be convinced to purchase after watching a video.
  • According to cisco reports, video content will account for about 82% of overall internet traffic in 2022.

All of these statistics have made the importance of video marketing clearer. So, you must know the latest video marketing trends for 2022. Ultimately, giving your video content strategy a boost will become easier.

So, here we go with top video marketing trends you must know for 2022:

1. Videos in Social media stories

Videos in social media stories are highly engaging. These can help brands create a more personal touch than other types of video content. As videos in social media stories are here to stay longer. So, it would help if you kept them casual and engaging.

Most importantly, social media stories also offer multiple ways to interact with viewers. You can use the questions feature, add polls, and do Q&A with your viewers. These can be the best ways to interact and know about your service and product from the audience.

2. User-generated video content

User-generated video content has been popular in social media for a bit longer. However, now you can see it everywhere. Just think about different videos you have recently watched, from commercials to dances on TikTok. Almost every video gives an authentic look to user-generated content, even if it isn’t.

One of the famous user-generated movies is also back again with a sequel. So, you can see that user-generated video content is here to stay for longer.

3. AR and VR video content

Even though AR and VR video content has been around for a while. However, now it is finding its way to the video marketing mainstream. Even more, the pandemic has also accelerated AR and VR growth. Brands are using this technology to create an efficient virtual experience for their consumers.

Additionally, retail stores are also offering a try before buy strategy. So, you can also use this technology in your video marketing to transform the user experience in the best possible way.

4. Vlogging is here to stay

Brand storytelling must always be one of the most engaging ways to connect with consumers. Additionally, it can also help develop a brand’s personality and keep the audience engaged. However, vlogs have become an excellent vehicle of brand storytelling over time.

At present, you can find vlogs on almost any topic. Most importantly, these are outperforming and getting more engagement over time. So, it means that vlogs are here to stay for longer.

5. Short videos are a reel deal

The attention span of consumers is reducing over time. Therefore, creating short yet entertaining and appealing videos has become a trend for 2022.

6. Livestreams will skyrocket in importance

Live streams, aka live videos, have skyrocketed their importance in 2021. It is mainly because the covid pandemic halted in-person experiences and events. Therefore, live videos have emerged as an effective yet essential way for businesses to connect to their customers continuously.

At present, the outlook of stream able content has also transformed completely. Even more, everyone is using live videos now. Live streaming has become an important element from influencers to music artists, enterprise companies, and local brands.

So, it would help if you integrated live streaming into your video marketing strategy to make the most out of this trend.

7. Vertical videos are gaining popularity

If you have scrolled social media feed, you might have noticed that most videos are vertical. These are quite similar in style to TikTok videos. Even more, most of the videos are with pranks, stunts, crazy dance moves, jingles, etc.

Overall, this crazy video style in vertical videos is carrying over the video marketing field. So, even if you cringe at vertical videos. However, you need to know that this video style is here to stay at least for a few years.

8. Interactive videos are booming

Interactive video content is rising. Such type of video content comes up in multiple forms. It could be a game, virtual reality, any accompanying elements, or something else with a shared post or on a website. One thing that’s for sure about interactive video content is that it’s booming. So, it would help if you gave your consumers something to do once the video ends. This is important to continue engagement.

So, never let a video stop with just a view. Because users who have watched the complete video have engaged already. Therefore, you must keep that connection and engagement continue with an interactive opportunity.

Final Thoughts

It is a fact that video content has been a critical marketing trend over the previous decade. So, knowing about the latest video marketing trend is key to running successful digital marketing campaigns. Even if you are not a professional videographer, still learning about how video content will incorporate into your design and marketing plans is critical. It is because it will continue to grow as your online strategy’s part.

After knowing all the statistics and trends of video marketing, you must use them on your site and strategies, and in social media to keep your prospects engaged with your business.

The Future of Marketing is in Video

Moreover, video marketing is part of the future of marketing. With several solutions to choose from, finding the perfect strategies to execute your marketing campaign for 2020 will sail smoothly. Based on the video marketing trends that covered here we are pretty sure that you’ll be all set and ready for future video marketing strategies.

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Techfunnel Author | is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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