Snapchat Selling Promoted Stories Ads for Companies
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Snapchat Selling Promoted Stories Ads for Companies

Snapchat Selling Promoted Stories Ads for Companies

Snapchat has unveiled its newest ad format called ‘Promoted Stories’. This new ad format will allow advertisers to pay to push their story to more users. A story is a collection of photos and videos linked together into one extended thread. Every story is active for exactly 24 hours from the time it is shared. This is one of the most popular features of Snapchat, and now companies will also be able to publish advertisements in the story format.

Any Snapchat user can create a Story, including brands or businesses. However, the published story can be viewed only by that particular account’s followers. Promoted stories are published countrywide, meaning a business can push their ads to all Snapchat users. The new ads will appear on the Stories page inside the Snapchat app. An advertiser will have to insert a minimum of three Snaps, but no more than ten. Just like a regular story, a Promoted Story will transition from one snap to the next. Businesses will also be able to add attachments to each snap in their promoted story so that users can swipe up to visit the business’s website.

Snapchat has appealed more to a younger audience, with 47 million viewers in the 13 to 24 age demographic. However, more than 88 million people can view ads on Snapchat.

“Our advertising partners have been asking for ways to tell deeper stories on mobile,” Peter Sellis, a Snap ad executive, said in a statement. “Promoted Stories offer marketers access to the same Stories format used by our community, combined with the reach and placement enjoyed by publishers on the app.”

This is the second ad format introduced by Snapchat this year. Previously, Snapchat rolled out ‘Snap Ads Max Reach’, which offers businesses a way to have a Vertical Video Snap Ad shown to all eligible users in a particular country on a particular day.

The cost of featuring a Promoted Story has not yet been disclosed by Snapchat.

HBO is the first business to purchase the Promoted Story in the U.S. It links to free episodes of Game of Thrones, Insecure, and Westworld. Retailer ASOS also purchased a Promoted Story in the U.K. and France.

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Tanuja Thombre
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