Shutterstock Releases Brand New Marketing Campaign After 6 Years
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Shutterstock Releases Brand New Marketing Campaign After 6 Years

Shutterstock Releases Brand New Marketing Campaign After 6 Years

Leading global technology company, Shutterstock Inc., offers high-quality assets, tools, and services through its creative platform. The company announced last week that it has launched its first brand marketing campaign in six years.

The campaign was launched across digital and social channels across the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia, and will later expand to countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The message of the campaign is “It’s not stock, it’s Shutterstock”. The campaign has been designed to showcase the Shutterstock Asser Repository’s unparalleled quality and depth, which is driven by more than half a million contributors from around the world. The campaign also highlights the proprietary search and discovery technologies that inspire creative professionals who use the platform to find the perfect asset every time.

“Creativity is now mission-critical for businesses of all sizes,” said Lou Weiss, Shutterstock’s Global Chief Marketing Officer. “Customer expectations are simply too high– companies with mediocre advertising or visually dull websites are being left behind. Creative professionals are discovering and using our captivating images, stunning video and catchy music tracks every day in thousands of new marketing campaigns globally. Our campaign is a celebration of the amazing artists who contribute these incredible assets to our platform, and highlights the extraordinary value that they bring to creative endeavors every day.”

Over 1.5 million new assets are added every week to the Shutterstock library, ensuring that Shutterstock customers always have access to fresh content. The library includes over 225 million images, more than 12 million video clips and tens of thousands of music tracks and has paid out over half a billion dollars to its contributors. The company also offers a proprietary suite of search, workflow, editing tools, and other innovative products for which the company has been awarded 25 patents. The platform is also available in 21 languages, across 150 countries.

Shutterstock is most commonly used by advertising and marketing agencies, film and TV production companies, media organizations and corporations as the basis for creating compelling marketing, broadcast and editorial content for their audiences.

The new campaign has been developed with the help of DiMassimo Goldstein in New York City.

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Megha Shah
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