ShareIQ Launches Platform to Track Image Performance
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ShareIQ Launches Platform to Track Image Performance

ShareIQ Launches Platform to Track Image Performance

ShareIQ, a company known for helping brands “measure, analyze and optimize the performance of their visual content across social media platforms and publishers,” recently launched the first image performance platform to “provide full transparency on how branded visual content engages consumers across social media platforms and publishers.”

On a daily basis, there are billions of images that are posted to the internet for various purposes. ShareIQ provides insight to brands on which images are effective and promotes engagement. Most brands have a tough time determining why their images may or may not be working well because they face the problem of “the lack of visibility in how, where and why their visual content is seen and shared across the web.” Also, through proprietary image DNA technology, ShareIQ has been recognized for analyzing more than 750 billion digital brand images. The company has worked on mastering their software so that they will be able to initiate in-depth performance analyses of why certain digital images reach more people than others, with notable customers including Tommy Hilfiger.

ShareIQ has helped various brands gain valuable insight on their respective image performances and they plan to continue their research to help brands create more entertaining and structured content to post. Founder and CEO of ShareIQ, Brian Killen, said the following about the potential of ShareIQ and its mission statement.

“Our goal at ShareIQ is to give our customers a three-dimensional view of image activity and to help them understand how visual content is posted, shared and discovered across the Internet. We can show you what worked yesterday or last month and, more importantly, what’s going to work tomorrow. At the CMO level, ShareIQ is a must-have solution that enables marketing teams to benchmark against competitors´ image performance and optimize their ad spend and brand investments.”

With the continuation of their analytical expertise, ShareIQ can focus on enhancing a brand’s visual content performances by providing valuable insight on which images, publishers, or other variables perform best for the brand and its competitors.

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