Role of Internet Marketing in Modern Marketing

By Danita Evangeline - Last Updated on October 10, 2023
Internet Marketing in Modern Marketing

In the rapidly expanding and ever-shifting digital age in which we live, the role of Internet marketing in modern marketing is no longer a minor one. Internet marketing is a vital part of the success of any organization. From IT support to lead generation to sales, Internet marketing is beneficial to nearly every aspect of the business.

Internet marketing, which also goes by the names of online marketing, digital marketing, web marketing, e-marketing, etc., is defined as the process of promoting brands, products, or services, over the Internet. It includes any promotional actions that are done via the Web or wireless media, including email marketing, blogging, SEO, and social media.

The worldwide reach of the Internet has made it possible for businesses to easily reach hundreds of new customers and has redefined relationships between businesses to businesses (B2B) and businesses to consumers (B2C). Through the Internet, marketers from organizations of all sizes are now able to share brands, products, and services on a global scale and can do so all the time. Through websites, blogs, and social media platforms, consumers are able to find and access information about and from an organization twenty-four seven, from wherever they are.

Due to the major role of Internet marketing in modern marketing, organizations cannot afford to ignore marketing online. Because the vast majority of people spend a significant amount of time online, whether they are at work or home on a desktop computer, at school on a laptop, or waiting at the airport on a smartphone or digital device, marketing through the Internet provides organizations a more effective way to promote themselves. It also provides a more efficient way because it does not involve the costs that often come with traditional marketing. Costs that often include printing brochures, shipping out promotional mailers, and paying for billboard advertising. By cutting down on expenditures, Internet marketing allows organizations to experience higher revenue.

Internet marketing also helps organizations in achieving better global branding and in building greater awareness of the products or services that they offer. Through marketing online, organizations can more strategically reach their target audience; and if Internet marketing is done right, campaigns can easily be tracked, measured, and tested to ensure proper results are being received.

Having the right Internet marketing strategies is an important part in helping organizations successfully market and advertise their products and services to consumers, connect with customers, and make sales.

Top 3 Reasons Internet Marketing is Important in Modern Marketing

It increases the visibility of an organization.

In days past, most businesses were limited to one brick and mortar location that was only visible to those who lived in the vicinity of that location. Every now and then, out of towners might come to the location after hearing about it through word of mouth. Today, however, an organization can be visible to millions of people at once through multiple digital locations. Establishing a solid presence on the Internet through a website, a blog, paid advertising, social media platforms, etc., allows organizations to expand their visibility in ways that were previously thought impossible.

It allows for two-way communication with customers. 

The Internet has enabled the rise of the smart consumer. Organizations are no longer the only ones dictating how their brands, products, and services are seen; consumers are too. Through social media channels, rating and review boards, and forums, consumers are able to connect with other consumers, give their approval or disapproval of a product or service, and influence the buying decisions of potential customers. Consumers are also able to connect directly with organizations and vice versa. By keeping in touch with customers through follow-up emails, personalized offers, and thank you letters, organizations can build relationships and establish a sense of community around their brand.

It enables more detailed market research. 

Doing research about the preferences, habits, and demographics of consumers is an important part of marketing. It’s hard to target the right audience if the right information is not first gathered and documented. Additionally, it’s hard to create and offer the right products or services, if an organization doesn’t know who their customers are, what they want, how much they are willing to pay for it, and who their competitors are in the industry. The Internet has a wealth of resource portals and tools that allow marketers to more accurately gather data on consumers and track their activity and preferences.

Danita Evangeline | Danita is a student, writer, and movie enthusiast. She enjoys food, reading, and traveling. She's currently a content writer and graphic designer for

Danita Evangeline |Danita is a student, writer, and movie enthusiast. She enjoys food, reading, and traveling. She's currently a content writer and graphic designer for

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