How Programmatic Media Buying Can Improve your Business Strategy

By Anirudh Menon - Last Updated on October 4, 2017
How Programmatic Media Buying Can Improve your Business Strategy

Companies can make their marketing campaigns more effective and efficient in a few easy steps.

How Marketers Should Approach Programmatic Advertising in Business

If you are a modern-day marketing geek, then you probably have at least a little knowledge of programmatic media buying and the strong impact it can have on businesses and customer buying patterns. The technology used here has solid influence on the way customers interact with company brands. Further, this concept aims to help businesses develop better ROI on their brands.

Programmatic media buying technology has generated a lot of excitement in the market in recent decades and has created extreme efficiency in the process of automating media purchases. As this technology picks up speed and acceptance in the global digital market, it is very important for businesses to take care of some prerequisites to ensure the right outcome.

Always Perform Self-Retrospection

In any business, when setting up operations, you are trying to address two key questions: “What are your short-term goals?” and “What are your long-term goals?” Is it just about having a solid turnover of goods, or do you want to give exceptional customer experience, which in turn, encourages loyal customers to become brand ambassadors?

This can be achieved through programmatic media buying. However, it must be meticulously planned, strategized, and executed. To get a better output from this technology, it is inevitable that you spend considerable time churning out ideas that will offer more insights on how to find the correct agency that can walk-the-talk with you along this journey.

Know the Technology

To know how to use programmatic media buying technology, it is important that you know the technology itself. If you cannot know all the details, at least have a basic knowledge and understanding of what is happening and how your brand can benefit. The first step toward this is to have the right selection of demand-side platform and performance.

Go for a Multi-Platform Approach

For some companies, having a single demand-side platform is more than sufficient, but for many larger companies, having multiple demand-side platforms allows for the creation of multiple sources of opportunities, which immediately impact the pipeline. Further, this type of setup allows businesses to reach a larger audience, thereby increasing the probability of more sales.

Get Creative

Being creative is an unwritten rule in digital marketing. This rule extends to programmatic media buying as well. The concept is all about delivering the right message to the right target audience at the right time. This gives an opportunity for your creative team to come up with their best output and relay messages across multiple platforms succinctly. To ensure the right creative output is delivered, marketers need to spend a lot of time in the creative process.

Although programmatic marketing and advertising sounds exciting and even simple to do, it must be planned strategically. Further, the entire team should be on the same page and speak the same languages to ensure consistency across the board. It sounds very easy to buy an available programmatic solution that is pre-configured, but the fact is, every campaign has its unique goals, and you must tweak your marketing efforts based on your company’s goals and objectives.

Anirudh Menon | I have adorned multiple hats during my professional journey. My experience of 14 years comes in areas like Sales, Customer Service and Marketing. My journey as a professional writer started 5 years back, when I started writing for an in-house magazine for my employer. Having successfully delivered many in-house projects, it encouraged me to take my skill to the world. As on day, I have written articles, blogs website content for vario...

Anirudh Menon | I have adorned multiple hats during my professional journey. My experience of 14 years comes in areas like Sales, Customer Service and Marketing. ...

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