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How Partnering With Pandora for a Mobile-First Marketing Strategy Paid Off for Lane Bryant

How Partnering With Pandora for a Mobile-First Marketing Strategy Paid Off for Lane Bryant

Last year, when plus-size women’s wear retailer Lane Bryant decided to pursue a mobile-first, mixed-media strategy, some might have questioned if its partnership with Pandora would work.

Well, according to a report published today (July 13) in Women’s Wear Daily, it did work. And it paid off – in a big way. During the crowded holiday season, the retailer saw its store traffic increase by 17 percent thanks to its timely multifaceted partnership with the music-streaming service. Lane Bryant’s original goal was to increase store traffic by only 7 percent.

Eric Gohs, associate vice president of media services and CRM at Lane Bryant, noted how important it was for the retailer to run efficient and effective campaigns during the holiday season when consumers are getting hit with so many different retail messages.

“Through Pandora’s custom audience segment and optimal mobile media mix, we were able to reach through to the core Lane Bryant customer and drive incremental store traffic during the most important season of the year,” Gohs stated.

The partnership between Lane Bryant and Pandora to reach a wide, on-target audience included a three-prong approach:

(1) Pandora cultivated a custom audience segment – mainly consisting of Lane Bryant’s core demographic – out of its 86 million unique listeners
(2) The strategy was deployed in a mobile-first approach to accompany consumers throughout their day
(3) The strategy also included display and audio activations to reach shoppers

Because Lane Bryant was able to segment core shoppers with an organic service on which they were already active, Elizabeth Doupnik of Women’s Wear Daily writes that the retailer was thus able to attract and build awareness during a season when shopping is normally cluttered and hectic.

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