Operations in Customer Service Have Become Smarter and More Strategic
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Operations in Customer Service Have Become Smarter and More Strategic

Why Customer Service Operations Have Become Smarter and More Strategic

Many businesses start with the production concept in which company operations is determined by bulk production. Then came the product concept in which the focus was on the product being better and cheaper. However, this did not account for the varying and often very specific needs of customers.

Following that, the selling concept came along in which sales were the primary objective for any company. Then came the marketing concept that was mostly focused on building profitable long-term relationships by maximizing value for the customer. This was then followed by the societal marketing concept which considers what the customer wants over what the company thinks the customer wants. It also attempts to see into the future by considering the long-term and future interests of customers.

Essentially, the goal of every business has always been to meet the present needs of consumers and businesses while also preserving the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Today, businesses are moving closer toward customer orientation in which the customer is the primary focus. Companies have become smarter and more strategic in their approach to customer service operations. Businesses are exploring the power of intelligent agents like automation or AI-based chatbots.

Automation adds conversational interfaces to static self-service content. To stay ahead of the competition, businesses now seek to anticipate needs through context, preferences, and prior queries. They also seek to deliver proactive alerts, relevant offers, and authentic content. They will additionally become smarter over time via embedded artificial intelligence. Companies will also use linguistic expertise to design real back-and-forth human conversations that solve problems and will integrate agents into existing agent-assisted channels so conversations can escalate without loss of context.

To enhance the experience, outsourced customer service operations require alignment of people and skills as well as business processes and technological infrastructures of both the provider and enterprise. Many developing countries, such as India, are growing centers for KPO and BPO operations. Some companies outsource to fill gaps in language skills and seasonal capacity, and they outsource service requests that are not mission-critical or have limited impact on the company’s brand.

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Megha Shah
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