Marketing Startup Sigstr Raises $5 Million In Venture Funding
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Marketing Startup Sigstr Raises $5 Million In Venture Funding

Marketing Startup Sigstr Raises $5 Million In Venture Funding

Today, email has become a major part of marketing and many companies have accepted this fact. But according to Indianapolis-based Sigstr, too many companies are missing out on the benefits of email marketing.

The marketing and technology company, Sigstr, announced on Tuesday that it raised $5 million from local and national investors, the second-largest venture capital push in Indiana this year. Sigstr is like a cloud platform for employee email personalization. The funding round will be used to fuel product innovation and hiring, and was led by Hyde Park Venture Partners. Battery Ventures, HubSpot, Grand Ventures, and High Alpha Capital also participated.

The 3-year-old firm offers software that allows companies to control employee emails for subtle marketing. The company has approximately 30 employees and over 300 clients, including California Closets, Terminus, and United Way. As a new owned marketing channel, these companies use Sigstr to unlock their employee email.

Sigstr signed its 300th customer this year, and surpassed 500 million signature impressions.

The Series A funding round will allow Sigstr to grow its product, sales, and marketing teams, as well as develop its offerings to meet the evolving needs of marketers across a range of industries.

“Sigstr is creating a new category in marketing. Employee email is the last marketing channel that has gone untapped. Your work email is the first thing you look at when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you check before you go to bed,” said Tim Kopp, partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners. “Everyday there are billions of interactions between employees and their customers, and Sigstr helps marketers take advantage of this channel to drive real marketing ROI.”

“HubSpot customers have seen impressive returns when using HubSpot and Sigstr together,” said Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot. “Email signature marketing is such a natural way to deliver key content to customers and prospects. We’re excited to take this next step in our partnership and help fuel Sigstr’s continued growth.”

“The future of marketing is authenticity. Our vision is to unleash the power of your employees and to help marketers leverage employees to market from the inside out,” said Sigstr CEO Bryan Wade. “We’re thrilled with our recent product innovations and are eager to continue to expand our product roadmap into areas that transcend the signature.”

Sigstr recently launched its Events package, allowing event marketers to tap into employee emails to attract event registrations, raise event attendance, and include speakers and sponsors to drive event awareness.

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