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List of Top Marketing Influencers on Instagram

List of Top Marketing Influencers on Instagram

Social media influencers are the marketing trend of the future

Social media influencers are becoming a necessary component of any good marketing strategy. Influencers can increase a company’s sales and ROI if optimized correctly.

Influencers are becoming more important to companies to reach younger generations. An influencer can bring in an extraordinary number of new customers by having them trust someone who loves the product. Almost every social media platform has a good amount of brand influencers for many different types of companies.

Top Influencers on Social Media

Gaming is a huge influencer category for millennials and YouTube content creator, PewDiePie, is one of the highest-paid influencers on YouTube and the top gaming influencer of all time. Any good marketing manager understands the major importance of SEO and a good influencer can help a business go from page 10 to page 1 in a search. Rand Fishkin is one of the top SEO influencers and regularly tweets about SEO to his 382,000 followers. PR is important to every business and Sarah Evans is one of the top PR influencers. She’s created two popular PR hashtags and works with popular brands like PayPal, Macy’s and Walmart. With Twitter being a huge platform that has grown substantially over the past decade, it is safe to say Jack Dorsey is one of the top-most tech influencers of all time. He has more than four million followers and created a platform so popular, the POTUS uses it every day. There are many top influencers on social media with these four being some of the most popular and helpful:

  • PewDiePie–
  • Rand Fishkin–
  • Sarah Evans–
  • Jack Dorsey–

Top Marketing Influencers on Instagram

With Instagram being a huge social media platform, many influencers use it to reach their many followers. Brian Kelley is the founder of the blog, The Points Guy and his Instagram feed covers big topics like content marketing. Kelley mostly creates travel related posts but companies can learn a lot about creating engaging content by following his feed. Donna Moritz understands the importance of increasing social media engagement for companies. She is a visual content creation specialist and can help any business increase sales with her helpful tutorials. With Instagram being a huge social media platform, it helps for businesses to know how to utilize the platform to increase sales and attract new customers to their brand. Jasmine Star specializes in Instagram marketing and can help any business use Instagram to market their brand better. These three influencers are the top marketing influencers on Instagram:

  • Brian Kelley– thepointsguy
  • Donna Moritz– donnamoritz
  • Jasmine Star– jasminestar

Finding Social Media Influencers

Influencers are important for businesses but they don’t help unless businesses know how to find influencers that can help them. There are a few places that can help businesses find these influencers like FollowerWonk. This website allows businesses to search keywords on Twitter and sort through individuals. Individuals with the largest reach and authority will be listed first. Not only can this site help a company find influencers for their own brand, but also find influencers that are following their competitors. Another popular site to find influencers is BuzzSumo. With this site, a company can search for the most popular content being shared when it comes to a particular topic, find influencers based on hashtags and keywords, as well as, filter influencers based on types. There are five top websites to find influencers:

  • FollowerWonk–
  • BuzzSumo—
  • Kred—
  • Klear—
  • Tweetdeck–

Social influence is important to companies because more than half of teenagers on social media trust the opinions of influencers over traditional celebrities. An influencer marketing campaign can boost sales for a business, drive new customers to the brand and increase a company’s ROI. Influencers are the biggest marketing trend of the future and companies that learn the proper way to gain influencers for their brand will succeed the most.

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