Influencer Marketing – Changing Trends in 2017

By Tanuja Thombre - Published on December 19, 2017
Influencer Marketing Changing Trends in 2017

With declines in print, TV, and radio marketing, influencer marketing will continue to prove to be the most effective way to advertise.

As social media becomes a large part of marketing strategies and budgets, influencer marketing must be added for it to be more effective.

The idea of influencer marketing gained traction in 2016, with more brands turning to digital creators to reach new audiences of younger customers and build buzz around their products and services. Influencer marketing is marketing products and services to those who have a sway over the things other people buy. Market influence typically stems from an individual’s expertise, popularity, or reputation.

Influencer marketing aims to build an emotional connection between a brand and that brand’s target audience of customers. This means brands must ensure relevant content touchpoints are built throughout the entire customer journey.

5 Benefits of Using Influencer Marketing

  • It helps to quickly build trust as influencers have already built trust and credibility with their fans and followers.
  • It improves brand awareness and can help to expand your reach and online position.
  • Influencer marketing can also help enrich your content strategy. Sharing influencers’ content can help fill gaps in your own content schedule.
  • Connecting with an influencer can be the start of a high-power relationship, especially when you are in it for a long time.
  • Through the right influencers, your content can be in front of social users that are already interested in your forte. The trouble with spending additional funds on testing and finding the right audience is overcome.

How to Improve Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Although influencer marketing is a good method to reach your audience, sometimes these efforts can be done in vain. There could be many reasons this could happen. One, you could be working with the wrong type of influencers for your business. Two, you could be using the wrong social networking platform for your product or service. Three, maybe your relationship with the influencers is not good enough.

Some of the ways you can improve your influencer marketing strategy would be:

  1. Identify your Target Audience

    Once you can accurately pinpoint your audience, the search for the matching influencer becomes much easier.

  2. Identify the Right Influencer for your Product

    One mistake businesses often make while selecting an influencer is that they select them on the basis of reach. To execute a successful campaign, look for influencers who have the right balance between reach and engagement. Also, look at the number of retweets and reply ratios before making a selection.

Influencer Marketing Trends and Trends that Evolved in 2017

  • Influencer Marketing will take a large share of advertising from other mediums.
  • Chief Marketing Officers have already adopted this strategy as part of their overall marketing campaign.
  • The strategy to influence audiences is being developed on a global level. However, implementation is happening locally.
  • Until now, celebrities have mostly done the job of influencing, even when the term influencer marketing didn’t exist. This year, we have seen a lot of focus on influencers who have a more targeted effect on their communities. These influencers, known as micro-influencers, can give coverage to target audience. Consumers feel more connected to an influencer who makes a real connection with them, compared to one who has millions of followers on Facebook, but is perceived as remote.

Influencer marketing challenges traditional marketing and communication boundaries, which touches on social media, performance, Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM), and corporate communications. The overall advice then is to plan campaigns that are likely to bring the desired response and spend more time connecting with your target audience.

Tanuja Thombre

Tanuja Thombre | A Soft Skills and Behavior Trainer by passion and profession, with 8 years of experience into Mortgage Banking sector. Currently I am working as a Training Consultant and I cater to the training needs across various industries. This also allows me to interact with, train and learn various aspects of human modes. Adorned with certifications from various institutes like Dale Carnegie & Steven Covey. I have a natural instinct ...

Tanuja Thombre

Tanuja Thombre | A Soft Skills and Behavior Trainer by passion and profession, with 8 years of experience into Mortgage Banking sector. Currently I am working as a...

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