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Facebook Launches New API

Facebook Launches New API

One of the biggest constituents of Facebook’s income is Facebook Ads. However, the failure of advertisement delivery is a big threat to marketers. In an attempt to help marketers get the most value for every dollar spent on advertising, Facebook has launched a new API – the Marketing API, v 3.2.

This new API aims to provide powerful insights to marketers about why an advertisement did not deliver/run. It is programmed to alert advertisers if an ad fails to deliver and provide multitudes of insights on the reasons behind such failure.

The API comes equipped with an ‘ads run’ status that details error codes about the defunct Facebook advertisement. This appears to be a practical solution for brands to be in full control of their advertising campaigns. Facebook also rolled-out new features in its products such as:


  • The Graph API for page metrics – The new update in the Graph API allows application developers to prompt users to renew their data access. This is what Facebook’s Developer Blog said, “If the developer decides to request access to someone’s data, we will remind the person that they used their Facebook username and password to login into this app. The user will then be able to review the data permissions for that app and either agree to turn on all or some permissions or completely deny the request.”
  • Instagram Graphs – Results will now show in reverse chronological order, that is the latest data first. This will help marketers track improvement and figure out whether newer strategies are working or not.
  • Video Polls – To handle poll lifecycle, new endpoints have been added that allow you to create and manage Video Polls on Live Videos and Video On Demand (VOD).

This version also includes changes and deprecations to Business Manager API and Ads Management, Dynamic Ads, Ads Insights and Measurement. These changes apply to versions launched after v3.2 and will be rolled out to all previous versions on January 21, 2019.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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