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Ex-Pastor Now Makes $2 Million a Year as Facebook Marketing Specialist

Ex-Pastor Now Makes $2 Million a Year as Facebook Marketing Specialist

As a Toronto-based pastor, Nicholas Kusmich was making about $23,000 ($30,000 in Canadian dollars) a year. That was until he found out about Facebook marketing.

He quit his day job, started an online business and used Facebook to market it. Eventually, he turned his experience into a consulting and Facebook marketing agency called H2H Media Group, where he now makes millions a year. In 2016, he earned $2.1 million; and this year, Kusmich is on track to earn $2.6 million.

Speaking to CNBC, Kusmich said, “When I originally felt a calling, it was because I wanted to help people. My narrative at the time told me, ‘You should go into pastoring.’ I had a congregation of about 100 people.”

But the primary reason Kusmich initially went into pastoring was because he wanted to touch and help people. With his new job, Kusmich says he is still able to do that, but from a much greater scale.

The former pastor first found out about online marketing in 2010 when he was looking for ways to supplement his income. With a few classes under his belt, he determined that the easiest way to make money online was to sell a niche product. Because of his interest in natural health remedies, Kusmich decided to write an e-book on how to lose weight naturally. He used a pen name so his congregants wouldn’t know about his start-up side business, priced the e-book at $20 to $30 a copy, and managed to sell a few hundred copies.

Even though he realized the e-book wasn’t going to be a mass success, he decided to turn it into an online course for almost $200. Utilizing the e-book, Facebook advertising, and other social media techniques, Kusmich began to market the course, and it soon caught the attention of another company that bought the content from him for $25,000.

The success Kusmich obtained encouraged him to believe that he could help others find success, as well. “It gave me the confidence and credibility and skill set to say I know what I’m doing here,” Kusmich said.

In 2015, Kusmich started his media group, which now consults and runs Facebook advertising for businesses, thought leaders, best-selling authors, and coaches and consultants around the world. Even though he was worried about giving up a small yet stable salary from pastoring, he soon came to realize that Facebook marketing was what made him truly happy.

Being a pastor and giving all those sermons, however, has certainly helped him. “If I hadn’t spoken on a stage every Sunday for 52 weeks a year for 14 years,” Kusmich recalls. “I wouldn’t be able to do what I do now.”

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