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Creative Ways to Use Snapchat Advertising

Creative Ways to Use Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat recently released several new tools to better accommodate advertisers, but it can still be difficult to come up with ways to use Snapchat ads. After all, it does take some creativity to advertise on a platform where videos and photos stick around for only a short amount of time.

Advertising on Snapchat, however, is not hopeless. Neeraj Kumar Verma, the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at, recently shared the top five ways you can advertise on Snapchat.

1. Web-View Format

This type of Snapchat ad allows you to advertise your business, product, or service by attaching your website to the ad. For example, if Under Armour wanted you to advertise its latest line of basketball shoes using this format, you would: (1) create a video show-casing the line, (2) add a call to action (CTA) to the video, and then (3) submit it to Snapchat.

Once submitted and approved, the ad will appear between Snapchat users’ Stories. If it grabs their attention, they can swipe up on the CTA to visit Under Armour’s website from which they can purchase shoes of their choice without leaving the app.

Web-view is the best format to use if your aim is to drive people to your website.

2. App-Install Format

If your aim is not to drive people to your website, but to get more people to download your app than this type of Snapchat ad will serve you well. App-install ads are a great way to increase your chance of getting more app installs.

As Snapchat users watch your video ad, they will see an “Install Now” CTA button at the bottom of the screen. If they wish to install, they can swipe up on the CTA to download your app without leaving Snapchat. They can continue their Snapchat experience while your app installs from the app store in the background.

3. Video Format

If you wish to promote movie or TV show trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, how-to recordings, or other types of videos, you can create long-form videos. These long-form videos will be shortened and played as 10 second ads for Snapchat users. Afterwards, a “Watch” CTA button will appear at the bottom of the screen. If users are interested in watching more, they can swipe up on the CTA to view the long-form video version of the ad.

4. Sponsored Geofilters

This type of Snapchat ad is a great format to use if you have a brick-and-mortar store or location-centric event that you wish to promote. For example, if Starbucks wanted you to advertise one of its stores that just opened in Manhattan, then you would create a geofilter that appears to users in and around that Starbucks location. When creating sponsored geofilters, keep in mind that you can choose from four types of campaigns:

  • Event geofilters – These appear to users in the location of your event
  • Shared Spaces geofilters – These appear to users in public spaces, such as a mall or an airport
  • Chain geofilters – These appear to users in brick-and-mortar stores
  • National geofilters – These appear in the country of your choice

5. Sponsored Lenses

This type of Snapchat ad is paid for by advertisers to promote their products, unlike regular lenses which are unpaid. Many large brands have used sponsored lenses to advertise on Snapchat. For example, “The Peanuts Movie” was the first brand to sponsor a Snapchat Lens. It allowed users to overlay their video selfies with images of characters from the movie while its theme played in the background. When characters opened their mouths, an endless stream of candy corn poured out.

Out of the ad formats mentioned above, sponsored lenses are the most popular among users.

For an infographic with these five formats, click here.

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