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Content Marketing World 2017 (#CMWorld 2017): Notes from Zontee Hou’s Session on Social Media and Content Marketing

Content Marketing World 2017 (#CMWorld 2017): Notes from Zontee Hou's Session on Social Media and Content Marketing

The largest content event in the world, the Content Marketing World Conference and Expo (#CMWorld 2017), is currently underway at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Zontee Hou, a marketing and brand consultant, led one of the over 120 sessions at the event. Her session titled, “How to Create a Rock Star Social Media Plan for Your Content Marketing,” focused on helping attendees understand where they should spend their time on social media; whether they should focus on a few channels or on whatever channels their customers are; and what they should do in each channel.

Attendees left with:

  • A way to identify and develop a smarter integrated social strategy
  • An understanding of how to produce a hit for content and interactions in each channel
  • A customizable template to document their social media plan and create the performance of a lifetime

For companies to be effective on social media, they should consider the following points:

  • To reach a relevant audience, ask the question: Where is our audience? If your audience is largely on LinkedIn and Facebook, then focus your content marketing efforts on those platforms instead of on other platforms, like Twitter or Snapchat, which your audience does not frequent as much.
  • Find out where your competitors are and tap into their social media channels. What things are they doing differently and well that your company can copy? What things are they doing wrong that your company should avoid?
  • Organic social media reach is getting very expensive, so don’t be afraid to pay for marketing on social media or to engage in both paid reach and organic reach.
  • Consider doing a live Facebook video on a weekly basis. Such videos can consist of interviews with managers, employees, customers, or clients; or can be a roundup of what’s happening that week in your company or industry.
  • Find your own popular “evergreen content.” According to Megan Marrs on WordStream, evergreen content is defined as “SEO content that is continually relevant and stays ‘fresh’ for readers.” It is called evergreen after the evergreen tree which is “a symbol of perpetual life because they retain their leaves throughout the seasons, rather than shedding. Like the trees, evergreen content is considered sustainable and lasting.”
  • Use BuzzSumo to track what type of content is being shared on social media. You can check your URL, as well as check competitors’ URLs.
  • Select the right channels that are specific and relevant to your audience company. Once you do that, dedicate most of your time and content marketing efforts to those channels.
  • Keep in mind the three main ways in which social media channels are used: Reputation management and thought leadership; Community building and networking; Customer service and real time touch.
  • YouTube is the second most searched website after Google, so don’t miss out on opportunities by neglecting to do content marketing in the form of video.
  • Optimize and adapt your content to your channel. What works on one channel doesn’t always work on another.

Along with being a marketing and brand consultant, Hou is also an adjunct professor in the City College of New York’s graduate communications program, a podcaster, and a speaker at events across the country. She serves as a strategist at Convince & Convert, where she advises organizations ranging from Allstate Insurance to Indiana University. With nearly 10 years of experience in marketing, Hou is recognized across the industry for her expertise and has received a number of awards, including several PR News Platinum Awards and a Forrester Groundswell Award.

Connect with Zontee Hou on Twitter (@Zontee_Hou) and LinkedIn.

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