CNN Launching Daily Snapchat News Show, "The Update"
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CNN Launching Daily Snapchat News Show, “The Update”

CNN Launching Daily Snapchat News Show, "The Update"

CNN is launching a daily Snapchat news show called “The Update” in an effort to attract younger viewers to its news platform. The Snapchat show will feature at least five news stories per episode from reporters around the world.

CNN has expressed a great deal of interest in reaching out to a younger audience to help students and teens, to start “speaking their language.” NBC committed to creating more digital news content with their new Snapchat show “Stay Tuned.” They’ve invested in digital news in an effort to target younger audiences that will inevitably be invested in the daily events happening around them.

With today’s current social condition, news platforms have experienced high volumes of people trafficking their sites and channels. Although there have been issues with “fake news” claims, news channels establish a specific opinion that allows members of society to choose which platform they most likely align with. CNN’s current audience is not young people but instead older generations that have used the platform for years.

The investment in digital news broadcasting is an interesting move for both CNN and Snapchat. To reach their target audience, CNN realized they had to immerse themselves in social media and social platforms. Realistically, Snapchat is the ideal social media outlet to broadcast news in comparison to Instagram, and could prove to do well regarding its accessibility.

Viewing habits of Americans are rapidly changing, and news platforms must transition their interface to new trends. It is also interesting to see how Snapchat will do in its next quarter with a heavier news lineup on their discover feed. The company has struggled in their past quarter and investors became weary of the performance, but expectations will be high this upcoming quarter with new additions to the application.

CNN is headed in the right direction with its new Snapchat show “The Update,” and it will be interesting to see how they fare with NBC’s “Stay Tuned.”

Mohammad Ali Sultani
Mohammad Ali Sultani
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