Chief Marketing Technologist - Is There Such a Thing?
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Chief Marketing Technologist – Is There Such a Thing?

Chief Marketing Technologist - Is There Such a Thing?

Marketing companies are responsible for the promotion and awareness of a specific brand or product, and in order to maximize its productivity, they hire staff that will effectively allow them to reach their outreach goals. Although some doubt the presence of a Chief Marketing Technologist, it has been suggested that the position will be more sought out than merely chief information officers.

Over the course of the past 30 years, the IT world has made its presence known in the marketing space. Referencing Forbes in 1990, “IT departments are there to keep computer networks and email servers up while marketing focuses on traditional outlets, such as broadcast and print.” In today’s day and age, when it comes to marketing, Forbes says, “IT departments add app support and social media to their responsibilities. Marketing departments now have social media specialists, website landing pages, and multiple online ad channels, all broken down by various analytics.” There is an evident relationship between IT and marketing. Due to the progressive advancement of technology, there will be an ongoing relationship between the two industries.

Because of the versatility of technology within society, there are many reasons to promote a Chief Marketing Technologist in the workplace. Through analytical means, such a person should be able to analyze how consumers react and favor certain means of communication including advertisements. They will be able to instill new initiatives to adjust their methods of promotion, such as the transition to digital video ads or the use of digital applications. This will allow for more engagement with potential clients and consumers since technology connects brings the world together.

As seen with the history of IT and the marketing industry, a Chief Marketing Technologist should be seen as an essential investment that promotes the wellbeing and efficiency of a marketing company. Its collaboration will be helpful to understanding the analytical data that can help marketing companies become successful.

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