What is Brand Storytelling – A Definitive Guide

By TechFunnel Contributors - Published on January 11, 2021
brand storytelling guide

For a good reason, brand storytelling is gaining momentum in the business industry. According to research data, stories get a person’s attention. Moreover, it triggers the brain to be active. However, many controversies are revolving around brand storytelling.

Everybody is using the tool of brand storytelling without realizing its importance in the industry. Many marketers do not have a concrete definition of brand storytelling. However, we have solved this problem from them.

What is Brand Storytelling?

Brands want to engage effectively with their customers. World-famous companies like Nike, Adidas, and NBA are famous because of their inspiring stories.

Brand storytelling simply refers to sharing your company’s inspiring story to connect effectively with your audience. The story portrays how your company was established continued by all the struggles and efforts. It is an in-depth definition of the company’s aspiring visions, missions, goals, and values.

Importance of brand storytelling

Brand storytelling might sound the opposite of your content marketing strategy as it is complex. However, it simplifies your sales and marketing strategies. Brand storytelling strongly relates to inbound marketing. It attracts new customers while building a loyal base for your growing business.

Therefore, you save money as well as time chasing new leads and prospects. Nowadays, consumers love to see interruptive, distinctive, and traditional marketing approaches. You do not have to bombard them with messages and emails all the time. It annoys them and drives the customers away.

On the contrary inbound marketing attracts them rather than interrupting them. They want to read the content in the narrative style. Brand storytelling builds an emotional and connective bond with your customers. If you have brand storytelling, it means you have something genuine and special to offer them.

Brand storytelling works efficiently because consumers like to be in charge. They like to handle their buying journey themselves. They constantly use social media, watch videos, and communicate over platforms to obtain information about all the products and services. While traditional ads work great, brand storytelling is what will attract them.

It has the power to deliver the message that your brand is capable to provide value and top-notch service to the consumers.

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Important elements of brand storytelling

Adding the element of brand storytelling humanizes your brand. Here is how you can connect authentically with your consumers:

  • Unique narrative style

    Brand storytelling is linked to your brand’s value. When people think of a brand, they recall their values, the benefits you provide with your products, and the way you treat your customers.

    It is the origin and the narrative that make your brand unique among other competitors. Think of your narrative style as a strategic statement to attract customers. Touch the brand’s evolution, background, and history while adding the element of authenticity. In the end, discuss your future goals, forthcoming products, values, and beliefs.

  • Keen eye on the target audience

    Classic marketing strategies never go old. Knowing your target audience should always be a part of your equation. Counting the number of customers is not enough. Your consumers are humans and you need to know their well-rounded personas to grow.

    Start with a group of people. who are they? Where are they from? How do they spend their lives? What problems do they face? How can your product solve their problem? What do they want? Defined personas help you build a compelling storyline.

  • Analyze data

    Data plays an integral role in brand storytelling. Interpret and analyze data to add originality to your storyline. Engage your audience and convert them into loyal consumers using insights and consumer data.

    For instance, every photo on Nat GEO channel comes with a story. Moreover, they include data to show that they care about the environment and different species.

  • Organized campaigns

    Make your marketing campaigns as thematic as possible. Powerful brand storytelling organizes all your marketing campaigns to serve roles for the audience.

  • Personal touch

    Adding a personal touch is the most important aspect of brand storytelling. Yes, your hotel has a panoramic view with all luxury amenities but it is your story that will attract customers. Engaging your customers can boost brand value by 5%.

How to tell a brand story

Here’s how you can tell your brand story in a narrative style:

  • Know everything about your brand

    Brands need to figure out their solutions, beliefs, and values. What beliefs do they have as an organization? What is unique? Why are our solutions better? how did we evolve?

    A little introspection will help to know your brand and logo better. To create an authentic story, you need to take a clear stand on what solutions you provide or intend to offer.

  • Clear your vision

    Once a brand has self-identity, the vision builds automatically. Do not try to sell your brand to people. Instead, make a loyal base by stating your visions.

  • Find your target audience

    You can’t address the story correctly if you do not know who you are talking to. Define how the brands connect with the audience on an emotional level. You can tune-up your brand story by interacting with customers. Ask them about all the factors that they had looked at while choosing you.

  • Narrow down your expertise

    Once you know where to start, the next thing is to know what’s weird and unique about you. Once you establish the message, you must be consistent with it.

Inspiring examples of brand storytelling

  • Google

    Google releases a‘ year in search’ video every year to communicate the most commonly-searched terms to its people. After that, it calls the video ‘the nation’ perspective’. In the year 2016, google reviewed all the top searches of 2016. It showed all the pivotal moments that happened back in the days. The video was both tragic and joyful.

  • Spotify

    In May 2017, Spotify insights blog posted a blog article, ‘how students listen to the music 2017’. It used its data to create an interactive playlist to show what teenagers in the US listen to in 2017.

  • Airbnb

    Airbnb’s storytelling lies around local hospitality, locality, community, and society. In 2015, Airbnb released an animated video in which they announced their success and growth in recent years. Moreover, the video highlighted the top choices of hotels for travelers. As a result, the booking doubles, and 47,000 more travelers booked with Airbnb.

Final Thoughts

When brand stories are powerful and impactful, they become an essential part of your breathing brand. They shape your brand and help you to connect better with your audience. Try an interesting yet old school way to score a loyal base of consumers.

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TechFunnel Contributors | TechFunnel.com is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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