Augmented Reality in Advertising: Future of Marketing
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Augmented Reality in Advertising: Future of Marketing

Augmented Reality in Advertising Future of Marketing

Marketers have different perceptions about augmented reality.

What marketers need to ensure before beginning the process of leveraging augmented reality for business operations.

The journey of augmented reality is a big boon for many industries as it impacts daily functions within organizations. When it comes to marketing, augmented reality could help change the dynamics of how a department functions. Today, there are many tools that marketers can access to ensure they provide the most immersive experience to their customers.

Uses Of Augmented Reality In Marketing And Advertising

Marketers are constantly in search of new techniques and tools, particularly in the mobile space, so they can impress potential customers and associate this experience with their brands. However, one common misconception among marketers is that augmented reality is similar to the previous technologies they have used. Augmented reality technology is not a thing of the past. If you are planning to implement augmented reality in your marketing campaigns, you first must acquire a basic understanding of how this technology will fit into your organization’s objectives.

In today’s business world, augmented reality has already made in-roads into customer activities such as online shopping where customers can engage with brands before purchasing a product. The future of augmented reality is extremely promising as a versatile platform with strong use cases of industry verticals where it has been implemented.

Even though marketers are trying to find innovative ways to implement AR to get the maximum advantage, there are a few important facts about augmented reality that a marketer should be aware of:

AR is not the Same as Other Technologies
To some extent, you may find augmented reality similar to other digital technologies largely because it uses smartphones as a platform to deliver an exceptional customer experience. However, there is a slight difference between augmented reality and other marketing tools.

For example, virtual reality helps in creating real-time simulations. On the other hand, augmented reality creates a layer of digital enhancements to an existing real-life setting. “Augmented reality is creating interactive experiences that engage users far beyond many of the mobile technologies we’ve seen in the past,” Lindsay Boyajian, CMO of Augment, said.

More than Innovation, its Usage is More Important
Most marketers are aware of augmented reality and its benefits, but don’t know how to put it to good use in a real-time scenario. What they must understand is if implemented correctly, augmented reality provides a memorable experience, but the process needs to be timely and correct.

The first step of AR implementation is to define a perfect fit that brings a true value proposition to the consumer. Rudy Wulff, Creative Director of Northern Lightning, stated that with the implementation of augmented reality, their customers can scan their catalog and try their products at home.

Augmented reality is not an alien technology for advertising and marketing agencies. Over time, it has created many case scenarios and applications that envisage the importance of this technology for marketing function. Augmented reality is a versatile development that has changed the way we do business and can impact the way companies market to their target audiences.

Anirudh Menon
Anirudh Menon
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