AI Startup Kemvi Acquired by HubSpot
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AI Startup Kemvi Acquired by HubSpot

AI Startup Kemvi Acquired by HubSpot

Hubspot just made a smart acquisition. The San Francisco-based startup Kemvi was acquired and will bring Artificial Intelligence to Hubspot’s inbound marketing. The purchase was driven by Hubspot’s interest in Kemvi’s DeepGraph engine and details of the deal were not disclosed.

DeepGraph is a software that targets any digital text to extract meaningful information and insights and then merge it with data and knowledge of companies’ sales and marketing teams to forecast buyer’s behavior.

“Kemvi’s DeepGraph technology gives salespeople that added boost to better connect with their prospects and close the deal without getting bogged down in time-consuming tasks,” said Brian Halligan, co-founder and CEO of HubSpot, to PR Newswire. “We’re excited to bring this technology into the HubSpot ecosystem, and look forward to working with the Kemvi team to build even more tools to empower the modern salesperson.”

DeepGraph also acts like a knowledge graph for salespeople to gain a better understanding of their buyers, market, product information, and behavior. What Hubspot aims to do is develop the next generation of B2B transactions in house.

“The B2B transaction ecosystem is on the cusp of a complete transformation, and we believe that HubSpot has the right vision and positioning to lead that change,” said Vedant Misra, Founder and CEO of Kemvi, to PR Newswire. “We’re thrilled to be joining the team at HubSpot and look forward to continuing our work at the intersection of machine learning, language, and sales.”

Marco Islas
Marco Islas
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