5 Tools to Help Improve Your Digital Marketing Presence
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5 Tools to Help Improve Your Digital Marketing Presence

5 Tools to Help Improve Your Digital Marketing Presence

The digital marketing space is becoming a battlefield with marketers across the globe competing to attract customers and encourage them to buy their products or services. Above the process, marketers are now leveraging technology to push their company’s brand into the marketplace and capture the attention of of a wide audience.

Whether you are planning to go for SEO or PPC or just want to relay your brand message through email marketing campaigns, today, there are a number of tools for each of these activities. You can improve your digital marketing presence which results in company branding and ultimately, increases the sales funnel for your team.

Ensure Visibility

The best way to ensure visibility of your brand is to develop a website. If you have a product or service to offer, it is crucial that you have a website that not only talks about these products and services, but that helps you to promote to a wider audience.

Social Media Tools

Simply having a website might not serve the whole purpose. Advertising your website and your products and services on social media is imperative. Leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, helps you to push your brand to a larger audience. However, you should also engage with your target audience to ensure that they are constantly updated about your brand.

Official Blog Site

Many viewers tend to read content that is posted on a company’s official blog. The authenticity of this content is not doubted and viewers can relate to the subject with the own experiences. This encourages them to contact the company and initiate a discussion about a product or service. Hence, it is beneficial to have an official blog site for your company which sometimes proves to be more effective than simply posting on social media platforms.

Paid Advertising

Sign up with advertising companies who are related to your product or service and advertise your brand on their website or in their magazine. Marketers should not always expect a call to action here because the objective is to spread awareness of the product or service.


This method is particularly effective if you have a product to showcase with some salient features. However, webinars are not restricted to products because service industries can also demonstrate their capabilities and value proposition through webinars. Sometimes, as a company you need to conduct these webinars to share information, more than expecting inquiries.

The fact is that the digital marketing world is under constant innovation. Customers engage more with companies who give them the right experience. They are able to relate to a company who is able to touch the areas of need with their messaging and offer a solution.

Anirudh M. for TechFunnel.com

Anirudh Menon
Anirudh Menon
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