5 Content Marketing Trends That Can Boost Your Business

By Megha Shah - Last Updated on January 6, 2020
Content Marketing Trends That Can Boost Your Business

Content marketing remains one of the most effective ways to brand your business.

Here are the top 5 strategic content marketing trends to following into 2018 and beyond.

As 2017 ends, it is almost that time of the year—no, not just for partying. We are talking about that time to analyze and implement next strategies. Over the last few months, you have likely implemented a b2b content marketing strategy for your company. It is time to analyze and gather insights from the past year, and create a new strategy to use in 2018 to grow your business.

According to a 2017 trends report from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, more than 60% of business-to-business marketers reported their content marketing strategies were more effective this year, compared to 2016. This figure was 30% in 2015 and 34% in 2016.

These statistics imply that content marketing efforts are paying off now more than ever. Hence, it is extremely beneficial for companies to invest more time and money in this medium.

B2B Strategic Content Marketing Trends Can Help Your Business in 2018

#1. Original Content will Rule

If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, you’ll realize that all major companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are investing heavily in developing original content. This gives a clear indication that consistent, original, and engaging content has the potential of going viral at any time.

As a step in this direction, your content team will need to grow and should include people who have talent in:

  • Video production and editing
  • Graphic design, illustration, and editing
  • Audio editing and production skills
  • Content optimization, distribution, and promotion
  • Strategy development, execution, and campaign management
  • Communications and branding
  • Analytics, metrics, and reporting

#2: Buy or Create a Dilemma

One problem that remains evergreen even as businesses advance is the ‘buy or create’ dilemma. You should evaluate resources and decide early on whether you want to outsource your content needs, remain self-sufficient, or acquire a digital media agency and work in tandem.

#3. Community Building

Community building is the trend. It will require you to thoroughly segment your target market using four attributes at best. You can use social network sites to create communities and post content accordingly. Ensure engagement of community members, and keep them motivated through contests, free gifts, or vouchers.

#4. IoT

The Internet of things, or IoT, is having a major moment. Imagine using Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant through devices like iPhones, iPads, Echo, Home Mini, or Home Max. While creating content in a form that can be supported by such devices will likely be expensive, it could pay off well if you have the right budget.

#5. Go Live

Instagram, Facebook, Periscope and Live.ly are allowing users to connect with audiences in real time. Soon, platforms will exist that allow live streaming to a much larger audience. With this, hosting live interviews, podcasts, webinars, Q&A sessions, events, and discussions would make for a great content marketing strategy.

If you begin crafting your b2b content marketing strategies now, you will have a great head start when compared to your competitors.

Megha Shah | A dreamer, traveler, aspiring entrepreneur and a bookworm beyond repair, Megha Shah is extremely fond of writing and has been doing so since she was a child. Apart from being a part-time writer, Megha is currently in college, pursuing B. Com. (Hons). Megha is an ardent follower of ‘Hardship, Hustle and Heart’ and firmly believes in the power of hard work and destiny!

Megha Shah | A dreamer, traveler, aspiring entrepreneur and a bookworm beyond repair, Megha Shah is extremely fond of writing and has been doing so since she wa...

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