3 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies and Benefits

By Mohammad Ali Sultani - Last Updated on January 6, 2020
Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy and Benefits

Effective social media marketing is aligned with company and client goals.

Social Media Marketing – An Effective Way to Expand a Brand

Social media has dominated society over the last five years, and marketers are pouncing on the opportunity to reap the benefits of social media marketing. An effective social media marketing strategy has many components, but there is one goal marketers are all trying to achieve: taking advantage of the social media strategy while it is still useful.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

According to Hubspot, “92 percent of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80 percent indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites.” The benefits of a proper social media campaign are worth the effort put forth, but a thorough social media marketing plan is required.

One of the major benefits of an effective social media marketing strategy is brand recognition. With social media marketing companies looking for prospective ways to promote a specific brand, their social media campaign ideas are centered around a common trend that is happening during that time. The outreach of the post will, in return, give the brand more recognition, as well as more sales and popularity. Social media platforms differ in the way they attract users, but this is an important component for a company’s use of them.

Another benefit of using social media is the opportunity to increase inbound traffic. Social media marketing is the perfect opportunity to increase the number of individuals who see a brand and the site in which a brand is displayed. A social media strategy gives marketers a chance to improve their conversion rates. Social media marketing is all about increasing the visibility of one’s brand to the general population, and a good social media marketing strategy is centered around the ability to make a brand more popular than it already is.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan in 3 Steps

The following are some social media marketing tips that will help you to create a powerful social media marketing strategy:

  1. Improving your Social Media Account: The benefits of social media for business are numerous, but social media management can be a challenging task. Social media platforms are constantly changing, and there will always be new trends. Therefore, it is crucial that you keep up and improve on a regular basis.
  2. Analyze your Target Audience: A social media strategist must assess the target audience for a brand. The content in which the marketing strategist posts must align with the interests of those who fit the look or feel of the brand. For instance, a fitness brand must have posts that address those who are athletic or show interest in training.
  3. Brand Ambassadors: The use of popular public figures is also a very effective way to promote a brand or company. Brands like Gatorade, Nike and even State Farm all have celebrity figures or athletes endorsing their brands, and studies have shown that social media promotions with these individuals result in more sales or recognition of the brand.

Social media and marketing go hand in hand, but there are certain steps you must follow in order to ensure success. Its benefits will show improvements in your marketing plan, and marketing on social media will ultimately promote growth for your brand.

Mohammad Ali Sultani | Mohammad Sultani is currently an undergraduate at the University of San Diego pursuing a degree in Political Science and English. As an experienced writer for various technology, law, and political news outlets, he has shown great potential in his writings and hopes to continue developing his skills. With the goal of becoming an established lawyer and writer, Mohammad is determined to help those in need on both ends of the spectrum.

Mohammad Ali Sultani | Mohammad Sultani is currently an undergraduate at the University of San Diego pursuing a degree in Political Science and English. As an experienced...

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