Will Virtual Reality Headsets Become the New Office?

By Walter Cromer - Last Updated on August 28, 2020
Is Virtual Reality the New Office?

Imagine — after a long, grueling, eight-hour day of office work — you can simply take off your headset, already relaxing in your favorite chair in your living room.

No commute. No traffic. No bathing or dressing up to go to work. No real interaction with other people.

Yes, the workplace of the future may be entirely inside your head. And a startup in Finland actually wants it that way.

Varjo Technologies has set out to create virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies that blur the lines between what’s real and what’s simulated. Unlike most VR companies, Varjo is geared toward getting professionals to consider that their work can be done just as effectively in a simulated environment.

It’s a big leap, and that’s why Varjo is starting small.

The company has announced its new “human eye resolution headset.” It’s nicknamed “20/20” after perfect human vision. Varjo says it is “redefining reality by jumpstarting a new era in computing. Our hardware and software lets you seamlessly mix realities together, moving from the real world to an extended reality and into pure virtual reality — all in human eye resolution.”

Varjo says it is beginning a new era of “completely immersive computing.” Its technology is crafted after the natural behavior of the human eye allowing them to “create products with up to 100 times the resolution of any of today’s VR/AR devices.”

The new technology could revolutionize such industries as construction, where architects can make real world changes in a simulated environment with extreme accuracy.

Varjo plans to have beta versions of its headset available by December 2017 with mass production beginning in 2018.

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