WeWork Acquires Unomy

WeWork Acquires Unomy

WeWork Acquires Unomy

WeWork bought Israel-based startup Unomy—a competitive intelligence platform—to push for a major and better share of enterprise clients. The co-working company has been using Unomy as a client. With this development, WeWork continues its expansion plan driven by mergers and acquisitions.

This year alone, WeWork closed on the purchase of Welkio, a visitor registration startup; Fieldlens, a mobile communication system; and, in the first week of August, took over its Asian rival, the Singapore-based Spacemob.

The latest of these mergers and acquisitions have been led by Emely Keeton, WeWork’s new head of acquisitions.

With a staff of 20 and based in Israel, Unomy has rapidly grown to serve Fortune 500 companies such Microsoft. It has raised up to $2.4 million dollars in seed capital.

The Unomy B2B lead program has been awarded and praised in recent months, and with an extension for the Chrome browser, it offeres a range of utilities aimed at supporting the company’s sales and marketing teams from the ground up.

“Their B2B intelligence layer will be able to help us enrich our data sets when we’re driving sales in the enterprise market,” said Ron Gura, WeWork’s Senior VP for digital products.

The executive also stated that WeWork bought Unomy after testing several B2B sales and marketing tools. Unomy has claimed a data base of 6 million enterprises and 70 million professionals globally.

Meanwhile, WeWork has been expanding its business in Asia—opening new spaces to lease, but also focusing in its growing share of corporate clients that represent, today, up to 30 percent of its total clients.

According to Techcrunch, Gura pointed out that the integration of Unomy with WeWork will accelerate B2B sales processes and deliver a better conversion rate for potential customers.

Last July, WeWork raised $760 million on a Series G round to put its valuation at $20 billion, and now offers co-working and office space in 49 cities in 19 countries, including its first spaces in Buenos Aires, Beijing, and Sao Paolo.

WeWork is also continuing its growth in the U.S. through innovation and specialization. They have announced the opening of its ninth co-working lab in New York City, in collaboration with Mass Appeal, which is designed for entertainment and advertising professionals. Other co-working companies it has been investing in, The Yard and Serendipity Labs, are opening spaces through partnerships.

Marco Islas
Marco Islas
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