Web Scraping Enables Effective Market Research

By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on April 17, 2020
The article explains why web scraping powerfull in market research

Guest Contribution by Habiba Nasir

Many different types of organizations benefit from obtaining literally millions of bits of market data every day. In today’s era of automation and digitalization, companies cannot make smart e-commerce business decisions without suitable data.

They must keep up with the advancement in technologies and the rise of stronger algorithms in order to gain the needed competitive advantage in the market.

Web-scraping tools help to ensure the regular receipt of quantifiable and qualitative information, helping you analyze the customer needs and interests and tailor your products accordingly.

Additionally, you are also able to keep up with the pace of the market by overviewing the latest trends. Web scrapers must overcome a variety of challenges to ensure timely and continual receipt of marketing data.

Here is a closer look at some of the many organizations that make effective use of web-scraping tools.

  • Retailers and Aggregators

    A variety of organizations need data to make the best-informed business decisions possible. Those include retailers and others involved in commercial businesses. The web scraping helps to check up on the competition, see what gets targeted consumers excited, and better learn which products are in demand.

    This is essential because retailers do not want to invest their time and money into products that are no longer popular in the market.

    Retailers can get opinions on goods and services they offer as well as those offered by their competitors. Similarly, aggregators and lead-generators often use web scraping to comprise email lists and phone numbers for relevant consumers. That helps them more specifically target individual consumers with more successful marketing appeals.

    Another aspect in which retailers can benefit from web scraping is by comparing the prices in the market for their products. Most consumers today compare prices online before deciding on their purchase which is why retailers need to use the data from web scraping to shape their prices such that their customer base is increased.

    Ultimately, web scraping can help retailers to use a better business model which in turn increase their sales and profit.

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  • Media and Legal Entities

    The social media era has ushered in the hashtag society. The hashtag society uses hashtags in their social media posts to influence others to seek additional information. Web scraping enables media companies of many types to use those hashtags and similar online posts and other data to obtain insightful information on a wide range of consumers.

    When particular tags repeatedly appear in the same or similar form, a digital trend clearly is developing that might prove particularly useful. It is a great way to identify emerging trend. Attorneys and law firms use web scraping to gather information on similar events and cases relevant to the legal matters upon which they are working.

    Moreover, social media scraping can also provide us with data from groups and business pages. Media entities can analyze group posts, review comments and take account of the number of likes and shares.

    This in turn helps them better understand the needs of their target audience through which they can take suitable actions to effectively address what needs to be changed in order to improve their services and products.

  • Travel Industry

    Over the years, the travel industry has seen significant growth due to the increasing number of people that love to travel. Furthermore, there has been a considerable development of applications that help people choose the right options and in turn increase the amount of data that can be used through web scraping.

    The travel industry can benefit greatly by retrieving information such as travel reviews which can help them better understand the market as well as the customers. Travel reviews help to provide with the most authentic information since it is based on the experiences of the population.

    They can also reveal information about potential places to visit that are trending. In addition to the this, the data can also tell companies about which travel destinations and hotels are popular and what sort of activities can be planned.

    Due to the highly competitive nature of the market, it is vital for companies to use web scraping to monitor the market trends efficiently and be able to aggregate and analyze that data to make strategies that increase your profitability.

  • Builders of Business Directories and Recruiters

    You need new contacts to expand your marketing reach. The World Wide Web is a great place to find contacts and create lists of potentially consumers receptive to your marketing appeals. In many ways, Facebook epitomizes how online data can create highly useful marketing info.

    Instead of using web scrapers, Facebook gets its users to voluntarily provide data. Short of creating the next Facebook, web scrapers are your best tools for mining personal data to build business directories and lists of potential people to recruit for various reasons.

    It might be military service, volunteer service, or some other matter. There has been an increase in the investment that organizations make in their recruitment teams since the growth of their business depends immensely on their workforce.

    Also, with the rise of services like LinkedIn where potential employees have all their relevant information stored online, web scraping is an extremely beneficial tool which can be used to collect vast amounts of data effortlessly.

    This can then be used to find the right candidate. In the past, recruiters had to use their intuition to make such judgements. Desirable candidates can be filtered based on their geographical locations, their skillsets, education and experiences.

    Since such information is now readily available, it can be used to narrow down potential candidates with much greater precision.

  • Differing Types of Useful Data and Information

    You need to obtain a broad range of marketing data on a regular basis from your web-scraping efforts. You also need regular and repetitious access to the same websites to obtain the data needed to maintain significance.

    The ever-changing nature of the digital realm makes it especially difficult for small- and mid-sized entities to create and employ their own web-scraping tools to overcome the ever-changing challenges to online marketing mining.

    The best way to overcome the many types of blocks and bans is to use adaptive web proxy tools. High-quality proxies adapt to the ever-changing online world and help to give you the best possible leads and reach for your marketing efforts.


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TechFunnel Contributors | TechFunnel.com is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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