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Vertebrae Launches New AR Platform

Vertebrae Launches New AR Platform

Technology innovator in interactive 3D and AR solutions Vertebrae announced the launch of its new augmented retail commerce platform, Axis.

With Axis, retailers can rapidly transform their existing e-commerce site with 3D and AR experiences that allow customers to fully visualize and try out any number of virtual products as they may wish. Axis makes it easy to create, manage, integrate and measure high-fidelity 3D assets at scale across any digital shopping environment, helping retailers exceed customer expectations while dramatically reducing the production time and costs associated with AR.

Created by a team with an extensive background in AR, Axis allows e-retailers to:

  • CREATE: With Axis, retailers can create high flow 3D asset pipeline with scalable asset creation optimized for the web, that can showcase their entire product catalog.
  • MANAGE: Axis can be used as a one-stop platform to store, preview and catalog 3D & AR product library.
  • INTEGRATE: With Axis, retailers can seamlessly publish 3D & AR products to their existing e-commerce sites or platforms with just one JavaScript integration.
  • MEASURE: Axis captures and measures an entirely new class of purchase intent data based entirely on how customers visually process and virtually interact with product attributes and features.


“As virtual experiences move into the mainstream, retailers can no longer afford to approach AR as a novelty or one-off experiment,” said Vince Cacace, founder, and CEO of Vertebrae. “The key to success is to meaningfully integrate AR into the commerce experience to drive conversion and sales and ensuring AR is available to any shopper, on any device, anywhere they want to shop – not simply on an app. The Axis platform simplifies the delivery of high-fidelity 3D assets within existing e-commerce environments, giving consumers new levels of confidence in their purchasing decisions.”

“With Vertebrae and the Axis platform we’re now able to provide our customers with the ability to virtually try on hats on our site – up close, at any angle, on their very own head,” said Carson Finkle, CEO at Tenth Street Hats. “Vertebrae’s technology solves the friction problem of requiring our customers to download an app in order to have an AR product experience, and handles the hard work of delivering AR to any device or operating system so that we can focus on delighting our customers.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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