Understanding the Customer Journey:3 Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Understanding the Customer Journey: 3 Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Overcoming Barriers to Understanding the Customer Journey

Inbound marketing is an important tool in the field of marketing. The first step to implement an inbound marketing strategy is to understand the customer journey. However, not understanding the customer journey is the most common issue most marketers face.

Here are a few of the common barriers to understanding the customer journey and how to overcome them:

BARRIER #1: Ineffective content

Many times, marketers implement inbound strategies with a sales point of view, instead of aiming to foster meaningful customer relationships. The focus shifts from providing helpful content to simply sending bulk emails, surveys, forms, and offers.

THE SOLUTION: Use a variety of tactics to encourage contacts to share data. Hire personnel who are well-versed in curation and development of content.

BARRIER #2: Inadequate research

In order to understand the customer journey, a buyer persona must be crafted first. Crafting a buyer persona requires a lot of research, which marketers sometimes fail to conduct. This, in turn, results in a lackadaisical approach toward converting prospects.

THE SOLUTION: Invest the time and resources to develop interview-led, data-driven personas that hold true. This helps establish a connection with leads or prospects.


BARRIER #3: A lack of data

At any given time, buyers make the choice to interact with your company or not. Therefore, marketers must ensure research conducted and data obtained are put to good use. It is also important to keep following up to analyze the impact emails and content have on your leads.

THE SOLUTION: Make good use of analytical tools and study reports thoroughly. Draw insights and take corrective action.

This is obviously just a few of the barriers marketers face in understanding the customer journey but here are some other points to consider:

  • Change your content strategy: Understand what assets are resonating during the customer journey, and tweak your approach to reflect these findings.
  • Eliminate communication gaps: Learn where customers are exiting interactions and address these problem areas.
  • Get the messaging mix right: See how your marketing channels are working together and discover new possibilities for engagement.
  • Drive more revenue: Determine what paths are the shortest or most profitable, and ramp up your efforts in these areas.

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Megha Shah
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