After Uber Lobby, Brazil Approves Revised Bill on Ride-Hailing Apps

After Uber Lobby, Brazil Approves Revised Bill on Ride-Hailing Apps

After Uber Lobby Brazil Approves Revised Bill on Ride Hailing Apps

It looks like Uber’s new CEO is all about taking matters into his own hands and getting things done.

Dara Khosrowhsahi flew to Brazil to talk with senior Brazilian officials in Brasilia to remove the rules in proposed legislation that would require Uber drivers to be licensed with their local municipalities, like taxis, and to use their own cars.

Following the conversation, Brazil’s Senate approved a weaker version of the bill this past week.

Khosrowshahi’s main concern with the bill was that it could undermine Uber’s ability to operate in Brazil, its second-biggest market, by making it too expensive and bureaucratic for many of its drivers. That would harm the livelihoods of the 500,000 people driving for the company in Latin America’s largest economy, according to Uber.

The senators dropped the requirement that drivers own their cars and have the same red number plates used by public transport vehicles like taxis. However, they did uphold the rules that subject drivers to local city authorities for licensing, taxes, and other rules. The bill must now return to the lower house for final approval.

To date, this is the second time Uber faced legal issues pertaining to its operation in other countries. Earlier this year, Uber lost its ride-sharing license in London.

In an interview with a Brazilian newspaper, suggesting Uber was open to finding compromise with local lawmakers, Khosrowshahi said:

“In the past we were a bit aggressive, but we have to understand that it’s not just about what we want and reach compromises. We are not against regulation. Regulating services like Uber is totally appropriate.”

While Khosrowshahi still faces multiple challenges, his major cause of concern is to change the aggressive image that defined Uber under former CEO Travis Kalanick.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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