Uber Investor Shervin Pishevar Accused of Sexual Harassment

Uber Investor Shervin Pishevar Accused of Sexual Harassment

Uber Investor Shervin Pishevar Accused of Sexual Harassment

Shervin Pishevar, a well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalist who has invested in Uber, Airbnb, and Tumblr, has now joined a slew of other men who are been accused of sexually harassing multiple women.

Pishevar is facing accusations of sexual misconduct from five women who spoke to Bloomberg on the condition of anonymity. The five women all noted that Pishevar exploited his position as a major venture capitalist to lure them into meetings before making unwanted sexual advances. They said they were afraid to speak on the record because of Pishevar’s penchant for filing lawsuits and his influence in the technology industry, according to the Bloomberg report. One of the women, an entrepreneur seeking funding for her business, said Pishevar forcibly kissed and groped her after a dinner meeting.

Another woman seeking career advice said Pishevar “tried to put his tongue down my throat” after a 2013 dinner meeting in San Francisco.

A third woman reported that while attending the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland, in November 2013, she was sitting between Pishevar and another man on a couch inside a hotel suite when the venture capitalist displayed explicit images on his phone.

“They start showing me photos of female genitalia,” the woman said. “It became really scary. The other guy was just really, really nasty, and Shervin was just laughing and swiping the photos.”

A sixth woman, Uber executive Austin Geidt, was allegedly groped by Pishevar at a party and later she was subjected to unwanted sexual advances, according to colleagues who spoke to Bloomberg.

While Pishevar wasn’t available for comment immediately, his PR representative, Mark Fabiani, provided Business Insider with the following statement:

“Shervin Pishevar is the victim of an organized smear campaign, which so far has involved the fabrication of a London ‘police report’. Now, anonymous and untrue stories have suddenly surfaced concerning Mr. Pishevar. The assertions regarding the only person named have now been directly refuted by an eyewitness to the claimed events, and there are communications sent from the named person herself to Mr. Pishevar which directly undermine any credibility being given to the claims made. Just as the London ‘police report’ turned out to be fabricated, we are confident that these anecdotes will be shown to be untrue as well. Mr. Pishevar is confident that he will be vindicated.”

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