Top 3 Reasons Why Integrated System Is Important

Top 3 Reasons Why Integrated System Is Important

3 Reasons an Integrated System Is Better

Technology has shifted from being a business enabler to becoming an integral component of business operations. Businesses must now look for solutions that help to prioritize operational concerns and simplify technological environments.

In May 2014, Gatepoint Research invited a number of executives from the areas of business development, sales, finance, and information technology to participate in a survey called “Strategies for Maximizing Application Performance.” Survey responders represented the financial services, healthcare, retail, telecom, and utility industries. Out of all the organizations represented, 76% had annual revenues that were greater than $1.5 billion.

According to survey results, responders with a preference overwhelmingly chose an integrated, single-sourced stack that was engineered and certified together (57%) over disparate, best-of-breed hardware/software components (10%).

Here are some of the reasons most managers and executives prefer integrated systems:

1. Security

57% of survey responders said it was important that they are confident in overall security. IT and data security have become one of the most important concerns in organizations and among executives. Greater system reliability, availability, and speed tell a lot about an organization’s ability to react quickly to potential threats while effectively minimizing them with regular updates.

2. Adaptability

62% of survey responders reported that upgrades, changes, and deployments should be a seamless process. Executives require adaptability functions that:

Ease adding new capabilities when necessary
Maintain a reliable, effective, and secure system
Maximize productivity and performance through reduced downtimes
Provide a streamlined, familiar environment
Free up IT teams and departments to innovate and add to the organization’s competitiveness

3. Business Performance

67% of survey responders reported that better access to real-time, business-critical data could help meet the company’s evolving business needs.

A robust data platform with analytical capabilities to deliver actionable information—the right data, at the right time, to the right user—is one of the most needed solutions among organizations. Executives want a platform that integrates all of these functions so they can automate monotonous tasks, and increase workforce efficiency.

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