Tesla May Soon Launch Its Own Music-Streaming Service

Tesla May Soon Launch Its Own Music-Streaming Service

It seems that Elon Musk is aiming to take over the world after all. Musk has recently been dropping hints that his car and energy company, Tesla, may have plans to get its hands into music-streaming services as well.

Electrek reports that software clues from the most recent update pushed out to Tesla cars include reference to a music service called “TTunes.” This announcement could represent a trend that leads to the final nail in FM radio’s coffin. If every new car company comes out with its own music-streaming service or leans on other such services like Spotify, then it certainly seems within the realm of possibility that eventually no new cars will come equipped with an FM radio.

There is currently nothing that Tesla owners can actually try out, but it is another indicator that Tesla is working on something involving music or streaming audio within its vehicles. Reports from June indicated that the electric car giant was in talks with record labels for streaming rights as well. And when there is electronic smoke, one would assume there is electric car music-streaming service fire. It would appear so with this latest software update at least.

Musk himself teased such a possibility at a recent stockholder meeting back in early June. Musk said that it’s “very hard to find good playlists or good matching algorithms” for driving using currently available software and streaming services. He also pointed out that we might expect an announcement from Tesla about fixing such a problem later this year.

Tesla has an event coming up sometime this month for its new electric semi truck, so who knows? Maybe we will hear a little bit more about “TTunes” then. Hopefully by then it will have a better name. Maybe one that doesn’t sound like a playlist that a mother or father would make to help their young child with potty training.

Luke Moats
Luke Moats
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