Tencent Now Focused on Digital Content

Tencent Now Focused on Digital Content

Tencent Now Focused on Digital Content

Chinese technology giant, Tencent Holdings Ltd., said it will spend more on its digital content enterprises, spread from publishing to film production after its third quarter net profit outperformed expectations on Wednesday. Tencent, Asia’s most important organization with a market capitalization of $472 billion, is hoping to put more toward its digital content and better coordinate its products crosswise over stages, keeping in mind the end goal to draw additional time from paying clients, President Martin Lau said on an income call late Wednesday.

“We believe [Tencent Video] has become China’s top online video platform in terms of mobile daily active users and subscriptions,” said Tencent chairman and chief executive Pony Ma Huateng in a statement on Wednesday. “We believe this success reflects our increasing investment in self-commissioned video content, our improved selection of licensed video content, and our scheduling and audience-management initiatives.”

The company’s YouTube equal, Tencent Video, has turned into a video streaming administration with the biggest paying supporter base in China, at 43 million memberships, Lau said. Tencent will put resources into online video through unique content creation or IP purchases, in spite of it currently being “an unprofitable sector,” Lau stated, in light of the fact that it is center to Tencent’s cross-media protected innovation procedure and builds engagement time. Tencent, as of late, recorded a few backups on stock trades in Hong Kong and the U.S. in a large number of stellar introductory open offerings (IPOs).

“Over time there will be more and more of our investee companies that reach the kind of maturity that can be IPO’ed in the market,” Lau said. “But I would say for the majority of our businesses, which have been homegrown and organic, there is actually more reason for them to stay together so they can reinforce each other.”

Shares in Tencent are up in early Hong Kong exchange as the organization’s third outcomes crushed expert desires because of solid development in publicizing, mobile gaming, and digital content. The second from last quarter benefit rose 67% year-on-year to CNY 18.04 billion on income of CNY 65.2 billion

Chairman and CEO of Tencent, Ma Huateng, said, “During the third quarter of 2017, we recorded strong business and revenue growth across multiple business lines including games, digital content, online advertising and payment related services. In particular, our video platform gained audience and revenue market share, we believe it has become China’s top online video platform in terms of mobile daily active users and subscriptions.”

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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