‘Technology Company’ UPS Investing $1 Billion a Year In Intelligent Logistics

‘Technology Company’ UPS Investing $1 Billion a Year In Intelligent Logistics

With its $1 billion-a-year investment in technology, UPS is empowering its intelligent logistics network with more efficient delivery routes that save money and reduce emissions while advancing such leading-edge tools as 3-D printing, drones and robotics.

“We really feel we are a technology company,” said David Abney, chairman and chief executive officer of the global supply chain megafirm, which boasts fleets of more than 600 aircraft and 100,000-plus delivery vehicles – and an information technology network that can hold more than 20 quadrillion bytes of data.

“We have a lot of planes; we have a lot of trucks,” Abney said at a June 30 gathering at UPS headquarters in Atlanta suburban Sandy Springs, Georgia. “But we really are a technology company.”

Since the company was initiated in 1907 by two Seattle teens as a messenger service and especially from around the time Abney began his UPS career in the mid-’70s using strip maps to navigate his delivery route in Greenwood, Mississippi, UPS has clearly moved to the logistics industry forefront when it comes to technology.

“Technology is really a foundation for our growth initiatives,” Abney said, noting that it is facilitating UPS expansion in international markets, encompassing more than 220 countries and territories, while serving demands of e-commerce and such fast-growing segments as healthcare and aerospace.

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Paul Scott Abbott


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