Survey: Roku Is Most Popular Streaming TV and Media Player, Fire TV 2nd; Apple TV Can't Keep Up

Survey: Roku Is Most Popular Streaming TV and Media Player, Fire TV 2nd; Apple TV Can’t Keep Up

Survey: Roku Is Most Popular Streaming TV and Media Player, Fire TV 2nd; Apple TV Can't Keep Up

A recent survey indicates that Roku, a manufacturer of streaming media player devices in the U.S., is the leader in this market. The survey also indicates that Roku has gained so much popularity that other players like Fire TV (which sits in second position) and Apple TV are not able to catch up.

The information comes from a report done by market intelligence firm, Parks Associates. The report clearly concludes that Roku is a leader as 37% of American households have Roku devices, as of the first quarter of this year. These statistics indicate a 30% rise in comparison to the numbers in the same quarter last year.

This spike is because giants like Apple and Google are having a tough time penetrating the market. The nearest competitor is Amazon, whose Fire TV has been able to increase its install base to some extent, during the same period. Fire TV holds in second place, with around 24% of households installing it as of the first quarter 2017; which is 16% more than 2016.

On the contrary, Apple TV witnessed a decline of 15% in market share, which Parks Associates stated was due to the high price value. It has not been able to compete with low cost devices like Roku. (Roku is available for as low as $29.99 in Walmart stores).

Roku has a product line starting from entry level devices, an affordable “stick” to high end 4K devices with HD support, voice search remote, and other premium offerings.

This is the second report this year that has ranked Roku ahead in the industry. Earlier in July, eMarketer estimated that around 38.9 million consumers in the U.S. will be using a Roku device, at least once a month; this brings the market share of Roku to 23.1%.

By the end of this year, it is expected that Chromecast will have 36.9 million users, Amazon Fire TV will have 35.8 million users and Apple TV will have 21.3 million users. The reason there is a difference between the two reports is because one has taken the number of connected TV users into consideration, while the other has considered devices owned.

As a result, according to Parks Associates, Amazon Fire TV is in second place, but eMarketer ranks Chromecast as second, just behind Roku.

Anirudh Menon
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