Spotify Debuts on Xbox One

Spotify Debuts on Xbox One

Spotify Debuts on Xbox One

After an exclusive two-year run with the Playstation 4, Spotify is expanded its network to serve Xbox One clients. The new addition of Spotify will allow gamers to play their favorite games with their Spotify accounts playing in the background.

Spotify product director for platform and partner experience, Mikael Ericsson, informed Xbox users that they now have the ability to create gaming playlists on Spotify. They’ve geared their application to allow premium or free users to download the software and play music in the background of their games. They’ve even enabled a feature that allows gamers to use other devices, such as tablets and smartphones, to control the music that is playing to promote an efficient, user-friendly system that will help gamers avoid interruptions during play.

The long awaited arrival of Spotify to Xbox One was expected to come after it received high praise from Playstation 4 users. Analyst Rich Greenfield claimed the transition to Xbox One was an effort on behalf of Spotify to enhance its video ambitions. “Spotify is not going to just be about music,” Greenfield said. “[It’s] increasingly spending and focusing efforts on video.”

Spotify has centered its attention on an original video series which can be viewed on the streaming platform. The combination of quality music and charismatic gameplay is the perfect duo that Microsoft is seeking. In their perspective, if users tend to enjoy listening to music and are able to access it now with their Xbox One, they’re more likely to be on the system more often.

Greenfield elaborated on the issue by saying, “Microsoft wants you to spend more time with your Xbox. It’s about keeping you in [their] ecosystem.” The increase in online users will promote Xbox’s popularity and statistics which is essential if it wants to compete with rivals Sony’s Playstation.

Microsoft initially announced its partnership with Spotify earlier this year in May and also announced Spotify’s entry into the Windows store this summer. Joining Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now, Spotify is bound to become a fan-favorite application for many Xbox gamers.

Mohammad Ali Sultani
Mohammad Ali Sultani
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