SoftBank CEO says Robots Will Be Smarter Than Humans in 30 Years

SoftBank CEO says Robots Will Be Smarter Than Humans in 30 Years

SoftBank CEO says Robots Will Be Smarter Than Humans in 30 Years

Robots will be a hundred times smarter than the normal human in about thirty years, the CEO of tech mammoth SoftBank claimed. Billionaire Masayoshi Son, 60, said that by 2047 artificial intelligence (AI) will have achieved an IQ of 10,000. By comparison, the normal human IQ is 100, while anything more than 140 is a ‘genius’ score. Mensa, the ‘high IQ society’, acknowledges individuals with a score over 130.

Speaking at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday, Mr Son said: “This is the first time the tool becomes smarter than ourselves.”

The idea of artificial intelligence becoming notably smarter than the human mind is known as “singularity.” Precisely when this will happen has been debated by specialists. Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son anticipates the singularity will occur in the “following 30 years or something like that.”

“Singularity is the concept that [mankind’s] brain will be surpassed, this is the tipping point, crossing point, that artificial intelligence, computer intelligence surpasses [mankind’s] brain and that is happening in this century for sure,” he said. “I would say there is no more debate, no more doubt.”

Present day humanoid robots like Softbank’s Pepper would be able to see human feelings by perusing facial appearances and voice tones, according to the company’s website. But Mr. Son said in three decades, individuals will laugh at the abilities of the current machines.

“Thirty years from now, they are going to learn by themselves, they are maybe going to laugh at you and us,” he said. “Today they look cute, they will stay cute, but they will be super smart. Currently, some robots are smarter than humans in a few areas. But thirty years from now, most of the subjects, they will be so much smarter than us, because they are going to be a million times smarter than today.

We created tools, the premise was mankind were always smarter than the tool we invented so we control. This is the first time … the tool becomes smarter than ourselves.”

Son has intensely put resources into AI, as he is responsible for SoftBank’s £75 billion ($100 billion) Vision Fund to propel machine learning. He has said he hopes to contribute more in the coming five years, all in organizations with some connection to artificial intelligence.

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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