ServiceNow Buys Design Firm Telepathy 

ServiceNow Buys Design Firm Telepathy 

ServiceNow Buys Design Firm Telepathy 

ServiceNow, an information technology management company and they have a very good reputation in the market at the enterprise level, is planning to buy Telepathy, a design firm in San Diego that has worked with software providers such as Quip and New Relic.

ServiceNow did not disclose the acquisition price.

ServiceNow’s decision was based on the fact that it wants to become a design-oriented company, and Telepathy is a design firm that was founded in 2001 in San Diego. Chief Product Officer CJ Desai wrote in a blog post announcing the deal that Telepathy brings “an amazing design team that dramatically enhances our commitment to delivering great design and consumer-like experiences in our products and ServiceNow Platform.”

Founder of Telepathy Chuck Loganecker mentioned in his second blog post about the acquisition that both companies share the belief that there’s a need for good design. He also expressed his excitement about taking his design principles to the next level.
The main working frame of Telepathy starts with everything from research and strategy services to user research, training and design teams. I’s design process goes like this:

“We would get to use the Telepathy Design Method and spread design culture within a 6,000-person company to impact 25,000,000 users as an internal design agency,” Loganecker wrote. “Our entire experience design toolset would be put into play, including service and organization design to impact the way ServiceNow works, UX research and design to make the product suite more intuitive, and Digital/Physical/AR/Voice to plan for the future of product interactions.”

Loganecker also mentioned in his blog post that “it was clear that this opportunity would allow us to travel at lightspeed towards our vision. Even better, we would be able to take on an impactful role with ServiceNow’s vision as well. Could this be our final and everlasting client?”

He said, “We’ve helped so many rocket ships lift off over the years, we decided it was time to start a new chapter, hop on board ServiceNow, one of the fastest-growing enterprise software company in the world and enjoy the ride.”

Aparna Nayak
Aparna Nayak
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