Secretive Magic Leap Reveals New AR Headset

Secretive Magic Leap Reveals New AR Headset

Secretive Magic Leap Reveals New AR Headset

Magic Leap, a Google-funded augmented-reality startup, has launched their first product. Founder and CEO Rony Abovitz has also announced some vital insights about the company. Social media is teeming with tech fans who have hung on for three years to get sight of the secretive product which has $1.9 billion in investment from the funders like Google and Alibaba.

“I’ve been waiting for @magicleap to make this announcement. Excited about getting my hands on the Magic Leap One,” said Sergio Aguirre.

“This will change everything!” posted robertogeek.

Brian Mogen, who belittled the Willy Wonka-esque goggles, posted, “#1.9B in funding, and all I got were these doofy glasses…was really hoping to hear that there was going to be a meaningful application with all this secrecy.”

“Essentially, this might just be the personalized buying machine of the future,” wrote Paul Armstrong.

Magic Leap’s launch was bitter back story, as they were lacking the financing without a product, and this began rumors about whether the technology existed.

The founder, Abovitz, holds engineering bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Miami in the mid-’90s. It was during the time when he attended UM’s biomedical engineering programs that lead him in developing technology for the human body. Not only the Magic Leap, but Abovitz was also a co-founder of Mako Surgical, the South Florida medical robotics company that sold for $1.65 billion to Stryker in 2013.

He loves to go out in nature, not gazing into the phone, and grasped that computing had to change.

“That’s where the world becomes your new desktop. … We shouldn’t bend to technology, technology should bend to us.”

Google executive Alan Eustace is really attached to Magic Leap, and was one of the engineers who wanted to fund them. That was a message too: “For cool things to happen, you have to get out of your comfort zone,” said Abovitz. “We are setting up our facility in Plantation. We’re hiring, and I currently expect that to be the primary hub of the company although we are setting up centers of excellence built around the U.S. We really want the greatest brains in the world, creative and technical, and we are also going where these brains are and setting up these centers of excellence. Think of it as a core planet, which is here, and satellites around it.”

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