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Rumor Has It: New Leak Shows Apple’s iPhone 8 Will Be Mostly Screen

Rumor Has It: New Leak Shows Apple's iPhone 8 Will Be Mostly Screen

Well-known blogger Evan Blass, who earned a reputation as a leaker by accurately releasing pictures of new cellphones, has dropped an image which he alleges is Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 8.

The image lines up with recent reports from well-sourced journalists and industry analysts and is similar to other designs that have leaked over the past few months. However, it may be best to take this latest rendering with a grain of salt, as: (1) the phone is inside of a black and neon green case which suggests that the image was acquired by someone who was building cases, and this is not always a reliable source; and (2) the date on the phone reads March which suggests the image could be a few months old. But given Blass’ accurate track record, we could very well be looking at the new iPhone 8.

If this new image proves to be legit, the phone is without a home button, leaving the front to focus on display. This suggests that Apple either embedded the home button in the display or moved it to the back. The image also suggests that the top of the phone will have space for dual camera sensors and an earpiece.

What do you think? Is this Apple’s iPhone 8?

On another note, the iPhone 8 isn’t Apple’s only forthcoming release. The tech company is also expected to release two other iPhone versions – an iPhone 7s and an iPhone 7s Plus.

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