Preliminary Steps For Responding to Cybersecurity Breach

Preliminary Steps For Responding to a Cybersecurity Breach

A Cybersecurity Breach Can Happen to Anyone

If you are thinking about migrating to a cloud platform, it is important to consider the level of cloud security before making the switch. If not done right, the consequential damage can be colossal. Some organizations end up paying millions of dollars in damage control.

With all of the cybersecurity breaches that have happened in recent months, the obvious challenge is to identify a potential cybersecurity breach before it becomes a breach. Usually, it takes around 200 days to find out that a breach has occurred. This renders the organization vulnerable and opens the door to the possibility of additional data theft. Once a breach has been identified, the first 48 hours are very critical. Quick action, clear assessment, and communication of the damage must be completed during that critical period.

As technology becomes more advanced, organizations are more susceptible to cyber-attacks. The steps you take after this are crucial. Below, is a list of the basic preliminary steps that an organization can take once it discovers they are under attack.

Inform Key Stakeholders

The moment there is a cyber-attack, an emergency communication must go out internally to all departments involved, as well as to all external business partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Assess the liability

Once there is better clarity, legal teams can start assessing the liability of the organization and various corporate responsibilities.

Inform Relevant Authorities

It is critically important to inform key authorities included law enforcement agencies and other data protection regulators about developments that occur after the attack.

Complete Briefing to Press

A senior leader or several leaders within an organization must be able to provide a complete briefing to the press [particularly for large companies] about how the breach occurred and what steps were taken to mitigate the damage.

Security professionals say no matter how much a company innovates, cybersecurity breaches and the potential for them cannot be ignored. Organizations must discuss ways to implement a robust strategy, keep improving on it over time, inform all employees about the risks and what they can do to lessen that risk, and deploy it quickly to minimize the damage.

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Anirudh Menon
Anirudh Menon
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