Peter Thiel Sells the Majority of his Facebook Shares

Peter Thiel Sells the Majority of his Facebook Shares

Peter Thiel Sells the Majority of his Facebook Shares

Peter Thiel, a primary investor and present board member at Facebook, has sold seventy five percent of his outstanding stake in the organization, per Reuters.

The move was a part of a previously set exchange plan, as per a recording report. Thiel had effectively sold more than $1 billion worth of shares in Facebook before this latest offer. He sold $640 million of stock in the organization’s IPO alone. A delegate from Facebook revealed to Reuters that the deal was normal and that Thiel continues to hold his seat on Facebook’s board.

“He and his firm missed out on a lot of upside,” says Ben Silverman, director of research at

Considering the last five years, his planning was horrendous. Facebook shares fell sharply not long after the IPO, as financial specialists questioned the organization’s capacity to change its advertising business to incorporate mobile applications. They were off-base. The shares Thiel sold for near $400 million would now have been worth over $3.6 billion. As indicated by a recording with the SEC on Tuesday, Thiel sold approximately seventy five percent of his residual Facebook stock on November 20, netting him $28.7 million.

Forbes gauges Thiel’s worth to be $2.6 billion, on account of his non-Facebook assets. Thiel used his cash to fill in as a hedge fund manager and a venture capitalist. His firm, Founders Fund, was an early speculator in Palantir, a standout amongst the most important tech startup.

An email to Thiel seeking comment wasn’t immediately returned. Thiel held 220,718 Class A Facebook shares and 54,995 Class B shares as of March 31, according to the company’s annual proxy filing. He sold 60,300 Class A shares in July.

The PayPal co-founder was an early patron of Facebook, putting in $500,000 in 2004, picking up the majority and, despite selling many shares, still holds and 2.5 percent of the organization at the time of the IPO. While Thiel was hurting for money, he would have been considerably wealthier had he reserved those Facebook after the 2012 IPO. Instead, as a major aspect of a pre-masterminded design, he sold very nearly 80 percent of his stake inside a couple of years of the IPO at a normal cost of under $20 a share. Facebook is currently exchanging at $180.50 per share.

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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