November 1: Social Media Heads to Testify on Russia and 2016 Election

November 1: Social Media Heads to Testify on Russia and 2016 Election

November 1 Social Media Heads to Testify on Russia and 2016 Election

Two senators who are part of the team investigating Russian involvement in the 2016 election have asked social media channels to give explanations on paid foreign ads.

Just before the public hearing with social media giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter, the Senate asked these three companies to inform fellow Americans on how they plan to tackle authenticity of foreign ads, like Russian advertisements.

They have reiterated that American citizens must know if the source of a specific advertisement is a foreign entity or not. The companies should also disclose whether an ad was generated by a genuine individual or is it coming through fakes.

Speaking to reporters, Warner and the committee headed by Chairman Richard Burr spoke about the progress they have made in the investigation on 2016 election and the involvement of Russians. Warner further commented that earlier the social media companies had not taken the Russian threat so seriously, but now they do, as these three companies are getting ready to testify in front of the committee on Nov. 1.

Earlier the companies had submitted somewhere around 3,000 advertisements that they believe are from Russians. Burr commented, “If you look solely at the social media advertising that we have seen, there’s no way you could look at that and say that was to help the right side of the ideological side and not the left or vice versa. They were indiscriminate.”

Although, Burr’s statement was contradicting the assessment of U.S. intelligence, which had indicated Moscow tried to help President Donald Trump get elected. He said, “It seems that the overall theme of the Russian involvement in the U.S. election was to create chaos at every level.”
Congress has assured that it will not disclose these advertisements to the public.

Anirudh Menon
Anirudh Menon
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