Not Everyone Is Happy with Larry Ellison Putting AWS on Blast

Not Everyone Is Happy with Larry Ellison Putting AWS on Blast

Not Everyone Is Happy with Larry Ellison Putting AWS on Blast

The Oracle OpenWorld 2017 opened with a keynote by Oracle co-founder and Executive Chairman Larry Ellison. Ellison used the keynote as an opportunity to introduce the company’s new database system, Oracle 18c.

However, Ellison didn’t just limit his keynote to introductions, he also used part of his Podium time to thrash Oracle’s rival Amazon, and their new data warehouse product Redshift.

According to the keynote, Oracle 18c Autonomous Database is designed to automate the tedious maintenance work required to run a modern database while offering a 99.995% uptime guarantee. This will reduce the planned or unplanned downtime by 30 minutes per year. The database will be launched in December.

“This is the most important thing we’ve done in a long time,” Ellison said. “The new database uses machine learning to automate the human labor involved in database maintenance, like patching, and tuning.”

While Ellison could have devoted his keynote speech to give more details about 18c, he chose to spend the time otherwise. He went on to claim that Redshift‘s contract did not cover software bugs, security patches, or configuration changes.

Oracle’s ranking has gone down in the market as AWS developed a reputation in cloud database computing, which is probably why Ellison’s keynote was more focused on proving how Amzon’s Redshift is not up to the mark as compared to Oracle 18c.

Ellison’s keynote speech garnered a strong reaction from Amazon. A representative from Amazon’s Web Services Cloud retaliated by stating that Ellison’s claim about Amazon was factually incorrect.

“Most people know already that this sounds like Larry being Larry,” the representative said. “No facts, wild claims, and lots of bluster.”

Contradicting Ellison’s claim that the Redshift database is not “Elastic”, the representative stated that Redshift is indeed elastic.

“Customers can resize their clusters whenever they want or can scale compute separately from storage,” the representative said.

Larry Ellison might have a good reason to talk down Amazon’s Redshift, considering that he and co-CEO’s Safra Catz and Mark Hurd are under lot of pressure to increase the company’s cloud revenues and lift their stock price to $80 per share. They will only receive their stock awards—which equals to the bulk of their compensation—if they meet their goals by 2020.

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