New Leak Suggests iPhone 8 Will Launch on This Date

New Leak Suggests iPhone 8 Will Launch on This Date

New Leak Suggests iPhone 8 Will Launch on This Date

French website Mac4Ever is reporting that it knows when Apple will be launching the new iPhone.

Apple is said to announce three new iPhones: the OLED iPhone 8 and the iterative ‘7s’ phones. The report says that the event will happen on Sept. 12, citing carrier sources.

Mac4Ever has a reasonable record when it comes to Apple rumors. The site says that mobile phone operators have already been told when to expect the Apple announcement, as they have to prepare inventory and marketing for the new devices.

Apple, however, has not said anything about a news event just yet, but following historical trends, likely dates are the 6th or the 12th. This news does not come as a surprise, since Apple has been announcing new iPhones every September since 2012.

The trend analysis shows that Apple also always holds press conferences on Tuesdays.

Therefore, many predictions suggested that the event would most likely take place either on the 5th or the 12th of September.

The company will be announcing a more powerful iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, as well as a brand new premium phone: The iPhone 8 is going to feature a longer screen that is going to completely fill the front of the device, except for the speaker, camera and sensors at the top.

The camera should also be much better on the back and the front of the device. The phone reportedly will also have an AI integration that will help enhance the user experience.

Considering Apple generally sends out invitations to the event toward the end of August, we should be receiving more information on the launch date for its new devices within the next week.

Apart from the new phones, it is speculated Apple could launch a new model of the Apple TV with 4K and HDR capabilities, as well as an update to the Apple Watch. Apple may even announce the dates for the iOS 11 update. Apple could also announce updates to its tvOS and watchOS software and also announce the dates for when they will be ready to be shipped.

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