With New Funding, Pienso Aims to Help Non-Programmers Learn Machine Learning Models

With New Funding, Pienso Aims to Help Non-Programmers Learn Machine Learning Models

With New Funding Pienso Aims to Help NonProgrammers Learn Machine Learning Models

Though the world could probably use a couple more machine learning specialists, there are a ton of non-programming masters whose mastery could help with ML models. That is the reasoning behind the start-up Pienso, an MIT spin off that its organizers expect to prepare machine learning models more open to non-specialists and those with varied expertise.

“How can we embed a domain expert who doesn’t necessarily have machine learning experience and capture their expertise and use it?” That is the question CEO Birago Jones says Pienso answers.

The company announced it has gained $2.1 million in funding driven by Eniac Ventures, with investments from SoftTech VC, Indicator Ventures, and E14 Fund. The organization is using the money to develop a small team and begin developing its client base. The organization’s core product, the Intelligent Development Environment, is a conclusion to-end arrangement that has highlights like Lens, which gives non-specialists the ability to connect directly with machine learning algorithms.

“Investment by large enterprises in machine learning is rapidly accelerating as corporations spin up massive data lakes to garner insights into their business. However, it is costly, challenging to integrate and before now required data scientists on staff,” said Vic Singh, General Partner at Eniac. “We led Pienso’s seed round because we believe Birago and Karthik have built an elegant solution that puts the power of machine learning and data science into the hands of domain experts who know their own requirements. We are excited to partner with Birago and Karthik in this exciting phase of their business.”

For organizations working with big data, machine learning encourages them understand it all. Pienso intends to settle the “human-on the up and up” issue, where human judgement is expected to assemble input and reinforce ML models.

“To make artificial intelligence more valuable, human expertise is needed in training the algorithm. In many cases researchers, analysts, and other knowledge workers do not have a computer science or advanced statistical background, so they rely on someone else to input their knowledge – unfortunately, often the nuance, context, and details get lost in that process,” said Birago Jones. “We created Pienso to allow the experts to train the algorithm and interact with their data.”

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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