New Features and Languages Added to Google Assistant

New Features and Languages Added to Google Assistant

New Features and Languages Added to Google Assistant

Google has announced a lot of updates and enhancements to make third-party apps for its assistant AI. This would make it possible for developers to make more functional applications that can better incorporate Google Assistant devices.

Developers will be able to build Assistant apps in Spanish, Portuguese, and Indian English. For the UK group, Google will offer transactional capabilities such as purchases, reservations, or appointments. For the app directory, Google is including new segments for what’s new and what’s trending, and there will be an autocomplete highlight to suggest apps to users.

Developers will also be able to build applications that benefit from both a Google Home and a phone with Assistant, permitting Home devices to hand off requests to smartphones for completion, like paying for a sandwich you requested on your Home. Google will let apps distinguish inherent requests, so that you don’t have to call them out by name.

Google will also allow personalization, daily updates, notifications, and directory analytics.

Until now, Google Assistant has been good at natural conversations; now, the Assistant is about to get better with a feature Google is calling “implicit discovery”. Implicit Discovery will let the users to say more natural-sounding commands to execute actions without the need to specify said app by name.

Google is also revamping the interface on your phone to find new apps that are compatible with Assistant. Some new categories like “what’s trending” will be added, so the current apps can be found quicker, and these will be put into subcategories within the app directory.

Integrating third party apps with Google Assistant could turn out to be extremely useful. These new updates should be rolling out, though it may take developers some time to integrate the new features into their apps.

Tanuja Thombre
Tanuja Thombre
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