All You Need to Know About Google’s Pixelbook

All You Need to Know About Google’s Pixelbook

All You Need to Know About Googles Pixelbook

Chrome OS has been developed into a complete operating system, and there is no better representation of its capability than the Pixelbook. If you don’t want to spend on a Mac or Windows PC, but you’re still looking for a better option, then the Pixelbook may be worth a try.

The company has a plan to make the OS attractive to a wider audience using the Pixelbook. It also has sharp-looking, high-powered Chromebooks that work as a tablet. Google thinks the new hardware will attract customers, along with other products like lower-cost Chromebooks with more performance. The powerful machine will likely attract high-ranking executives at a time when the tech titan is pitching Chrome OS as an operating system for enterprises.

The obvious competitor is Microsoft’s Surface tablet. If Google can do the same thing for the Chromebook market, that could have significant value.

The Pixelbook is inspired by Google’s Pixel smartphones. Also, similar to Chromebook, the Pixelbook has a 360-degree hinge that lets you use the computer in four different modes. Pixelbook is also very thin, the keys only have 0.8mm of travel and are very quiet.

Pixelbook charges very quickly with its USB-C power adapter. Charging for fifteen minutes will get you through two hours of work.

Perhaps best feature is the addition of Google Assistant. Once you get the Pixelbook set up, you can say “OK, Google” and it will respond like an Android phone or Google Home.

Pixelbook Pen
One more best feature for Pixelbook is the Pixelbook Pen. It’s a pressure and tilt-enabled stylus that uses Wacom technology. The most unique feature of Pen is that it allows better way to interact with the Google Assistant.

The competition
There is no direct competition for the Pixelbook yet, but the best Chromebook currently on the market may be the Asus Chromebook Flip C302, which costs less than half of the Pixelbook’s tag.

Another competitor in the market could be Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop, with the same price as the Pixelbook. It’s similarly well-designed and powerful and has a battery life that is unmatched.

For the last few years, Chromebooks have been the most popular notebooks. Now, Android apps on Chrome are finally a real thing. The Pixelbook may turn out to be the best of them; it is thin, light, fan-less, powerful, comfortable and beautiful.

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